August 2022



The Summer 2022 Update is currently on Test Realm and will soon be added to the Live Realm! In this update, you’ll see the introduction of Guilds and Raids.

Guilds in Wizard101 will be a bit different than your average MMO games. We wanted to make sure Guilds were done in a way that makes sense for our unique player community. This new addition to the game will give players even more fun things to do in a group setting, and a variety of new challenges (with sweet rewards!) that can be overcome only with the help of one's guildmates. Want to still quest and adventure with other friends from outside the guild? You will of course be able to continue to do that too!

As for Raids, they are intended to be a series of high-level challenges like you’ve never experienced before. Gather your friends and get ready for Raids!

In Recent Wizard News:
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On this show, we discussed Guilds and Raids for Wizard101! Guilds are the focus of this update, and Raids are a new challenging addition to the game that will take lots of teamwork from your new Guildmates to complete. Good luck!

Missed the show? No worries! You can watch the recording on YouTube:

It's always a blast hanging out with the community, so let us know what you most like about KI Lives so we can continue to make them even more fun to watch.

For those who didn't get a chance to redeem the KI Live giveaway code yet, we opened it up again EVILSNACKS722 for another 500 redemptions to get the new KI Live Snack Pack in both Wizard101 and Pirate101, and Small, Medium, and Large Rainbow housing items for both Wizard101 and Pirate101!

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IslePlay: The Future

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Tune into Isleplay August 5, 2022 at 2pm CT to learn about a LEGENDARY upcoming community-wide tournament with an unforgettable prize. This page will update with more information after the stream!


Wizard101 finally has a TikTok! Not only will there be magical content, but our first TikTok’s are of an investigation going on in the office?! Where is all our food going?

Follow our official TikTok, click here www.tiktok.com/@wizard101 to find out who it could be...


Adam Roush is our Senior Concept Artist here at KingsIsle Entertainment. Sometimes Adam will create a series of concept art for a particular scene or character and post them on his social media. Here are a few concepts of his most recent pieces this month:


“Here's some weapon designs from Lemuria.” - Adam Roush

“Here's the Recreational Swimwear Gear sets, perfect for summer :D” - Adam Roush

"Here's some props I did for Lemuria. Designing small things like these are really fun :)" - Adam Roush

"Here's some Mandoria murals I did for Lemuria. Sometimes I get to work on something a little different, like these ancient glyph paintings." - Adam Roush


For this month’s art spotlight, we are showcasing Eyes, Mona, YukiYamato, and Madison Nicole!

“This took me forever but it’s finally done! I drew all the schools in some fun outfits.”
- Eyes


“Doing Wizard101 inspired makeup looks!!! Day 1: Storm” - Mona

“My little witch Zoe” - YukiYamato

“Death Trap” - Madison Nicole

We would love to see more screenshots and art from the community for next month’s newsletter. Do you have something amazing to share? Send it to us in an email to community@kingsisle.com! We’re always interested in showing off more fan art, gameplay guides, videos, and other content.

Thanks, Wizards!


Community art by: Swordroll

Story Spotlight


Grace StormSong and Alex ThunderSmith fire up their mounts in an epic adventure to save Wizard City!

Follow them through their journey by clicking here to see the dangers they encounter and the friendly faces they meet along the way! You don’t want to miss this story!

Video Spotlight

In this section we wanted to highlight some recent, entertaining videos for the month! If you’d like to be featured in this section, start a new walkthrough, create a review on something new, or do something completely creative!

Richard UnicornCaller’s Wizard101 Beastmoon Hunt Tutorial! Gameplay Tutorial:

Ever wonder how to play Beastmoon Hunt event? Richard UnicornCaller creates a fantastic guide on how to play Beastmoon!

Ultimate Speedster’s The New Wizard101 Bosses are IMPOSSIBLE:

Ultimate Speedster jumps into Test Realm and fights all four of the new Skeleton Key Bosses! Check out the video to see how he fairs against these new challenging foes!

Guide Spotlight

If you need a GREAT guide, this is the place for you! Most of these guides will be up to date and are made by the community! We can’t thank you enough for creating such informative guides. We see and read everything!

Final Bastion New Skeleton Key Boss Guides:
Final Bastion: High Loremagus
Final Bastion: Drowned Dan
Final Bastion: Baron Von Bracken
Final Bastion: Lady Stonegaze

The Craft Box's Complete Wizard101 Cantrips Leveling Guide:

With Guilds and Raids coming to Wizard101 soon The Craft Box has noticed a lot more people asking how to level up Cantrips. Here is the complete level 1-9 Cantrips Guide.

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