Holidays 2019



We’ve had a Fa-la-la-la-llama good time this year with you all! So much has happened in the Spiral, including the creation of your own amazing player generated content. The community created dozens of incredibly useful gameplay guides, fun contests, new ways to decorate one’s dorm, and many other activities. We still have several days left to go in the year too!

We are also proud of all the great content that’s made its way into the game. Highlights include the new Beastmoon Hunt and Deckathalon events introduced earlier this year. November’s game update improved upon these events and included new items for all players to enjoy. On the event side of things, just this month we began a wonderous sleigh ride adventure along the 12 Days of the Spiral! This yearly festive event always has something interesting to reveal each day. We hope you enjoyed the festive goodies that were offered!

As Professor Falmea said so well in her Producer’s Letter below, we are especially grateful to all of you in the community. Much of this year’s gameplay changes were in part thanks to your feedback and ideas!

Let’s take a quick look back on some recent activities that occurred across the Spiral:
  • NOV 05: A new Beastmoon Hunt map was revealed
  • NOV 11: We honored Veterans Day with a free Veterans Theme music scroll
  • NOV 12: Harvest Hannah returned
  • NOV 13: New Wizard City Underground update released
  • NOV 19: New Storm Deckathalon
  • NOV 25: Winter Bundle Pet available
  • NOV 26: KI Live: Happy Holidays!
  • NOV 27: Fairytale Wallpaper released
  • DEC 02: Winter Scroll of Fortune begins
  • DEC 09: The 12 Days of the Spiral begins!
  • DEC 09: New Santa Jaws Charity Mount
  • DEC 10: New Yule Logger Pack
  • DEC 15: New Festive Fox Mount
  • JAN 16: We'll be at PAX South this coming January!

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My Dear Wizards,

As the temperatures grow colder here at Ravenwood, this Pyromancer must soon take her leave and travel to warmer climates. But first I wanted to chat about what an amazing 2019 we’ve had! This has certainly been a year of transition. We decided to take a few chances and do some different things than were typical in our first ten years, and I think for the most part, it looks like we hit the mark!

The Wizard City Underground

We’ve talked at length about the Wizard City Underground, but I couldn’t help mentioning it, as the community respond to our new side world and gauntlet was overwhelming. As a team we thoroughly relished the idea of revisiting and expanding upon existing lore from the first arc instead of going somewhere new. We’re glad to have taken the risk, and are overjoyed with how much positive feedback we received regarding the look, style, story, and the composition of WCU.

Our writers, designers, artists, and sound team always want to take you to exciting new places and show you new stories, so we’re overjoyed that you liked this fall’s new content!

~ Professor Falmea

Read more of what Professor Falmea has to say in her December 2019 Producer’s Letter!


Through December 20th KingsIsle celebrated the 12 Days of the Spiral. Each day we had a different surprise in store for your Wizards. Some days we gave away items like mounts and pets, while other days had discount offers. We even introduced a few new mounts and other items along the way!

The fun hasn’t stopped, as you still have a chance to participate in the giveaways. Two additional special events are also still ongoing for the next several days, the Winter Wonderland Decorating Contest and the Charity Mount Offers!

Winter Wonderland Decorating Contest
Charity Mounts!


The past few months and our plan to continue into 2020, we’ve been reaching out to official fansites for interest in interviewing developers on our team. From designers to artists and many others, we have an exciting lineup of developers for you to learn more about in the coming months.

Thanks to Adventures of the Spiral, read on for this first interview with our concept artist, Adam Roush!

Adventures of the Spiral: How did you get a start in Digital Art and how did you find your way to KI?

Adam Roush: I started learning digital art in college, around ‘07, with just a simple tablet learning Photoshop and Painter. I actually went to school for illustration and animation but became so enamored with concept art at my first industry job I kept pursuing that path. I had applied to KingsIsle and completed the art test three years before I eventually got the job. It took a long time to get here, but it’s been well worth the wait!

AoS: Do you remember your first piece of concept art (for KI and as a career first) – what was it?

Adam: My first concepts for KI were generic furniture, like lamps, chairs, tables, and boxes for the Aerodwarves in Empyrea Part 2. It was a simple and fun task to acclimate to Wizard style.

Check out the entire interview over at Adventures of the Spiral.

Here is some of Adam’s recent works posted to his @AdamRoush2 Twitter account. Follow his page for more amazing artwork in the future!

Also designed by Adam, decorate your desktop with this frosty holiday wallpaper!


Tony Gaddis posts regular sketches and animations of his work. You can follow him on Twitter @TonyGaddisArt. Here’s a popular animation of the new Ratatoskr pet!

Tony also posted this fun example of how models are animated:


Matthew Fahey, Senior Designer, joins us in Part 2 of our Wizard City Underground dev diary series. He shares his insights into how we designed the underground bosses and combat mechanics. Watch the video below!

You can also follow Matthew’s Twitter channel @Mattnetic.


Our last KI Live of the year was super frosty fun! Watch the video below:

For more videos and livestreams, be sure to subscribe to KingsIsle's YouTube channel.

A tip submitted to KI Live comes from community member Snee432:

“With the new Hatchmaking kiosk option, we need pet snacks. Farming Troubled Warriors in Grizzleheim is the easiest way to obtain Couch Potatoes, which drop mega met snacks! Troubled Warriors are ice and have around 300 health. Couch Potatoes are a rank 3 seed, and can give you Captain Cantaloupe, Fancy Yogurt, and/or Golden Wheat Bread mega snacks, to help you train your perfect pet.” - Snee432


Deep in the Heart of Texas, in historic San Antonio, DuelCircle is proud to announce their return to PAX South this upcoming January, and KingsIsle will be there with them!

DuelCircle’s 5th Anniversary Fiesta Party will be held on Thursday, January 16th from 6-10pm at Dave & Busters located within Rivercenter Mall, just steps away from the historic Alamo and the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. This event is free of charge for the community! RSVP here.

This party will be the best place to meet us at the show, so we hope you’ll be able to attend! As the date approaches, be sure to visit the DuelCircle PAX South Website for updates.


Apple has released its macOS Catalina update. If you upgrade right away to Catalina, you will not be able to play Wizard101 or Pirate101!

We are continuing to work with our partners on making both games Catalina compatible. To ensure your game access is not interrupted, please wait to install Catalina until we announce full support for the OS.

Thanks for your patience as we work on this updated functionality. We will notify you as soon as support for Catalina becomes available!


This screenshot is from Chrissy The Blesser, taken during the annual Santa Run event. The Spiral was filled with reindeer and all sorts of other player mounts, pets, and of course santa themed outfits! Did you participate in this year’s run? Share your screenshots with us by tagging @Wizard101!

We would love to see more screenshots and art from the community for next month’s newsletter. Do you have something amazing to share? Send it to us in an email to community@Wizard101.com! We’re always interested in showing off more fan art, gameplay guides, and other content.


Community art by: Swordroll

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