November 2020



Now on Test Realm, Karamelle is every bit as sweet as you’ve hoped, and more. From exploring the peaks of the Rock Candy Mountains to the streets of Karamelle City, to facing Honey Badgers and Whatchamagolems, Nana is welcoming every Wizard into her world for a tour, starting with Karamelle City.

Long before Nana tweeted the first sneak peeks of Karamelle, the team has worked tirelessly, fueled by passion and mounds of snacks Nana gave us in order to bring you this new world. What awaits you at the start of Arc 4 may surprise your tastebuds, but there’s a lot more in this update than icing – there's a whole cake of other features!

As always, we appreciate your feedback on all the new content during Test Realm. Please report bugs via the in-game interface and in the official community forums. You can also post any Karamelle feature suggestions and any other ideas you may have in the forums.

Meanwhile, check out these exciting news highlights from October:
  • OCT 06: New Zombee Pet
  • OCT 12: Creepier Carnival Bundle now available online
  • OCT 13: New Autumn Monstrodome
  • OCT 20: New Pet Trainer Bundle
  • OCT 25: Wizard101 documentary releases
  • OCT 28: Karamelle goes to Test Realm
  • OCT 29: KI Live – Karamelle themed
  • OCT 31: Happy Halloween

Keep updated on the latest news for next month on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, including special announcements from community fansites! Read on for more fun happenings with the community and their Spiral activities.


We had a deliciously fun Karamelle good time on KI Live!

The show kicked off with a Halloween costume contest where the community selected a KI team entry. We also had some special guests come on to say hello to the community, including one that’s new to the show – Mia! We then dived into community questions and some Karamelle gameplay on Test Realm. Winners of the community Halloween decorating & costume contest were also announced at the end of the show.

If you missed the show, watch it now on YouTube:

Secret Reader Bonus - As of this newsletter's announcement, for those who didn't get a chance to redeem the KI Live giveaway code yet, we opened it up again (HALLOWEENTREATS2020) for another 500 redemptions!

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A great gameplay tip submitted to KI Live comes from Amazinggoo:

“Once you have finished Karamelle remember that there are tons of cool side quests for your wizard to still do!” - Amazinggoo


Do you remember the first time you set foot in the Spiral? Was it just yesterday, or have you quested with us since the very beginning? No matter how long you’ve played, everyone in our community continues to be the beating heart of Wizard101.

Moribund Studios has embraced this idea and showcased it in their brand-new documentary series, Long Live the Spiral, now available on Amazon Prime!

The docuseries will be released one episode at a time, on a weekly basis. There will be 4 episodes in total. Keep watch on Wizard101 social media channels for the next release!


Join KingsIsle Gamers Extra Life Team

Congrats, Extra Life Wizards! Together with the community we raised over $12,000 and counting! While the award window has closed, we are keeping our Extra Life page open through the rest of the year to keep on going. Thanks KingsIsle Gamers team!

Thanks for your participation!

As a thank you, we will be awarding direct team contributors that raise a sufficient amount for our team with the following items from both Wizard101 and Pirate101:

The community is also planning livestream events on the weekend of Nov 7th. Stay tuned to our social media channels as community activities are announced! If you plan to stream for extended periods of time, please read these Extra Life Streaming Guidelines.

After this Extra Life weekend concludes on Nov 8th, please allow several days for us to organize and send out rewards. We will be contacting you directly via email.


BOO! Congrats to the winners of the 2020 Halloween Decorating Contest! There were so many great entries this year! Without further ado, drum roll please! And the winners are...

5 Grand Ghouls: 30,000 Crowns + HooDoo Bundle goes to:

Matthew Deathblood

“Wizards beware The Sanctum of Bones! You may have heard rumor of a secret 4th, Exalted Halloween Tower. Ambrose has forbidden entry. Do not trespass in the lair of this malevolent Necromancer lest you contribute to his bone collection.” - Matthew Deathblood

Chris Ghost Hunter

“Greetings Wizards! Nothing speaks Spooky like a Summoning for extra credit. Ever wonder what death wizards do on their spare time? Well look no further Chris Ghost Hunter here with a fabulous capture in a death wizards’ dorm, during a brewing no less. Nothing like the smell of boiling pumpkin and minotaur horns in the afterhours to scream Halloween for ya!!!!” - Chris Ghost Hunter

Megan IceBreeze

“Decorated my dorm this year with lots of pumpkins to find the perfect pumpkin to carve! I’m a Druid this year, thank you for hosting a very fun contest!” - Megan IceBreeze

Jared LionFlame

“My Death Wizard’s name is Jared LionFlame who is level 50. I took this photo in his deathly dorm that was decorated to suit his style! Come and stop in for a spell, but if you’re hungry don’t even think about munching on my lollipop wand. Ghosts and ghouls abound freely here ever since Dworgyn forgot to lock their cage, so watch your step! Did you know that the ethereal fireplace behind me is powered by the lost souls trapped in crystals on either side? Their power will keep this ornate fireplace burning for generations to come!” - Jared LionFlame


“Welcome to the Haunted Sacrifice, aka the time where we throw PotatoWoozard into a cauldron because, well, he's a potato. Potatoes are meant to be eaten. Happy Halloween!” - Destiny

5 Honorable Zombies: 10,000 Crowns goes to:

Bailey DreamSong

“Though it may be just a dorm room... Beware the witch's house for doom shall fall upon thee. Thy sweets and treats may not at all be what they seem to be.” - Bailey DreamSong

Corwin Skullflame

“The shrine to the Unseen one.” - Corwin Skullflame

Sara Silvereyes

“My daughter (in purple) and I (in orange) decided on some fun colors to spook it up with some of our furry friends and ghouls :). We have been playing for almost 10 years!” - Sara Silvereyes

Alexis Unicorn Petal

“Here we have me dressed as a cute pumpkin captain and matching my hair with my spooky booloon pet. My friend behind me is dressed as a fairy and hence she bought her flowery magic with her resulting in a flower shower above our scarousel wheel used for a clawsome private party. The scarousel with my friend's flower power with the perfectly framed spooktacular dark manor and its ancient creepy branches are what's special about my decorated place :).” - Alexis Unicorn Petal

Rowan Dreamcatcher

“My (wizard's) name is Rowan Dreamcatcher. This picture is from the get together I had with two of my friends from pigswick. We were SUPPOSED to wear costumes, but they forgot. I decorated my dorm and even made a buffet table for them to enjoy, but they still did what they always do: study study study and spin spin spin. I have lots of leftover jelly beans... and tuna fish... and tomatoes... and soup. Moral of the story: don't invite wizards from pigswick to parties.” - Rowan Dreamcatcher

Thanks to all participants for making this contest fun for the community! Visit the Pirate101 Newsletter to see which Pirates won in their side of the contest!


Adam has been busy recently creating even more cool new concept art! Check out his latest on Twitter:

“Here's a few Nimbus interior concepts from Empyrea. I used SketchUp to get the rough composition and basic shapes down, then drew and painted over them.” - Adam Roush

“Here's the Woolly Rhino mount concept. Had fun playing around with all the different textures on this one.” - Adam Roush

“Here's the Frillasaur Pet concept. Obviously, this was fun - who doesn't like drawing dinosaurs?” - Adam Roush

“Here's the Fossil Player Gear concept. This is one of my favorites - bone armor is a cool idea to play around with :).” - Adam Roush


For this month’s fan art spotlight, we are showcasing Dadsiren's depiction of Morganthe:

“Morganthe is a favorite character of mine! I always saw parts of me in her and she's one of those characters that I wanted to grow up with me artistically and story-wise. For this piece I wanted to show her in a more serious light, like she's someone who has honed in and fully developed her dark craft.” - Dadsiren


For this month’s screenshot spotlight, we are showcasing Sophia Goldheart's Halloween predicament!

“Really am enjoying the new world so fun and whimsical! Fabulous job, thanks for making it!” - Sophia Goldheart

We would love to see more screenshots and art from the community for next month’s newsletter. Do you have something amazing to share? Send it to us in an email to community@kingsisle.com! We’re always interested in showing off more fan art, gameplay guides, videos, and other content.

Thanks, Wizards!


Community art by: Swordroll

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Congrats to Wizard101 Folio!

Congrats to Wizard101 Folio for achieving official fansite status! This website joins the ranks of Wizard101Central, Ravenwood Academy, and many other amazing Wizard101 fansites. Expect Wizard101 Folio to continue producing some insightful guides and events for you all of you in the months ahead!

The FearsomeRubberDucky completes their Aquilian Palace Cronos Ceremony in this latest community video.

From Knights of the Shining Mountain, Happy Halloween!

Aquilian Palace also recently had some of their Wizard Elites display their skills and give prizes during a 1v1 event on Oct. 17th.

Stop. Hammertail! Meet Stendhill Hammertail and earn your Promethean Crafter badge with step-by-step guidance from your friends at Ravenwood Academy.

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