May 1st, 2018


Come What “May,” Come On! Let’s Play!

Here comes a fun month in Wizard101! Things are already looking great with the Five B.O.X.E.S. event that started today, and that's just the start. We have a lot of other exciting things happening this month . . . so far it’s been an absolutely ferocious spring in Wizard101!

Let’s take a quick look at some of the neat things that happened last month in April:

  • For April Fool’s Day we introduced everyone to the Ball-N-Chain Mount.
  • Test Realm came to the Live Realm and we launched the Unicorn Hoard Pack -- everybody went Unicorn Crazy!
  • We held a Throwback Thursday with all the past April Fool’s Items.
  • For our members we ran Double Pet XP, Double Monstrology Bonus, a new Double Reagents and No Cooldown Timer Crafting benefit, and a free training point respec weekend.
  • Mount-a-Palooza let our players grab some killer mounts with some killer deals. You could even purchase some previously “bundle-exclusive” mounts as well. Mounts like the Battle Narwhal, Feathered Raptor, Celestial Wolf, Hawk and the Scarydactyl!

Also in April we launched a new type of pre-paid card that can currently only be found in a test market in the Kroger stores of Northern Texas. We’re not quite ready to launch these cards across all of the United States, but if all goes well with our test market, you’ll probably see more of these in stores soon. Find out more information on our recent KingsIsle Blog Post.

Keep reading for more information on your favorite game, and thanks for playing Wizard101!


Zone of the Month


Zone of the Month: The Wild

As a reminder, each month we’ll be looking at a randomly selected zone in Wizard101 to give you some fun insights and a bit of a discount. This month’s pick comes from a world released back in May 2012! Avalon has been a fan favorite world since its inception, and The Wild has a particularly interesting story that has you crafting magic shoes and ostrich war mounts while unfreezing an entire Fire Elf Village and more! Read on for all the details to The Wild in Avalon.

Name: The Wild

Location: Avalon -- The Wild is found by traveling through Caliburn to High Road and then through Caer Lyon. The good news is that while questing here, you’ll eventually open a teleporter so you can get to The Wild directly from Caliburn!

Description: The Wild has some strange pocket climates due to magical interference: everything from burning trees in a frozen land to a well-groomed forest and even a mushroom grove! It truly is “wild” in its presentation, with paths branching out in all directions.

Cost: This premium area is a nice half-way point in the second story arc and usually comes at the cost of 1695 Crowns, but because this is our zone of the month, we’ve discounted this area to 995 Crowns through May 15th, 2018!

Zeke Item: Throughout Avalon, Zeke has you looking for Black Crows – Make sure to peek into our pictures below for a hint to find this of where to find this hidden item. It’s in a tricky spot inside an instance!

Chests: The Wild has both Silver Chest and Wooden Chest for you to find; however, you may have to wait up to 40 minutes to see one silver chest after it's been claimed. Best of luck!

Secrets: You betcha there’s secrets!

  • There’s a big Red Toadstool you can pick up and use in your player housing back by Cassie the Ponycorn (see pictures).
  • Cassie the Ponycorn can train you in the arts of using Mass Prisms, and Enya FireMoon knows all about the “spear” line of spells.

Reagents: The reagents you can find here are as varied as the environment: Mist Wood, Deep Mushrooms, Frost Flowers, and Lava Lilies! And if you’re interested in crafting, don’t forget to stop by Shane MacGobhann - he’s selling quite a few recipes you might be interested in.

Fishing: Yes! There’s a wonderful pool of water up by Cassie the Ponycorn where you can fish up all kinds of delights, including the rare Sword Stone Fish and King Mackerel.

Teleporters: While there aren’t traditional zone teleporters like you’d find in Dragonspyre, after a bit of questing in The Wild you’ll unlock a main teleporter that looks like a Stonehenge-esque portal. This portal takes you right back to the main hub of Avalon.

What’s the 4-1-1? When you head to the Wild in Avalon, you’re on the hunt for the Sword of Kings and more specifically one Sir Druston Silverharp, said to be the last keeper of the Sword. After much effort, you rescue Sir Druston Silverharp from the White Owl Tower. When asked for the Sword of Kings, Sir Drustan tells you he passed it along to a “brave” knight by the name of Sir Robin Bravely who was journeying to the Fire Elf Village in the Wild.

Unfortunately, when you arrive at the Fire Elf village both it and Sir Robin are covered in ice. A shivering Fire Elf named Roidh FireHilt hatches a plan to melt the ice with a Living Ember from the Fountain of Flame. At the Fountain of Flame you help Ceara Ashbury become the new Knight of the Flame (she gladly gives you a living ember for the Fire Elf village in exchange), but it’s not quite enough to melt the frozen village.

Armed with magic shoes from a leprechaun by the name of Shane MacGobhann, you’re able to traverse an icy path to defeat the Winter Wyrm. Once the Winter Wyrm is out of the way, the living ember now does its work and melts the ice in the Fire Elf village, revealing Sir Robin Bravely. Unfortunately Sir Robin Bravely explains he also passed along the Sword of Kings - but not to another knight. He gave it to his minstrel, Innes Idle.

After asking around in Caliburn for the location of Innes, Steward Kay recalls the presence of a minstrel in nearby Caer Lyon. This eventually leads you to Sir Jean-Paul Jouster, who will only grant you entrance to Innes Idle if you craft him an ostrich war mount. After a lot of work and effort, you eventually gain entrance to speak with Innes.

When you find Innes, he’s very distraught because he’s lost his Lute and instead has to play music with a lute made from a watermelon. You eventually recover the lute (and a map to Nodor) for Inness, and in exchange he lets you know he dropped the Sword of Kings near Storm Crown in the Wild where some Sprites and Red Caps were battling.

Arriving in Storm Crown, you discover a pixie named Deidre Madden who requests you defeat Red Caps and save her pixie friends who are being held in some Red Cap cages. Luckily, the pixie’s best scout saw where Innes dropped the sword and also saw that the Specters of the Brocken had carried the sword into the Wyrd.

Deirdre explains that to restore the bridge to the Wyrd, you’ll need both “hanging stones” and rubies retrieved from the vile Jabberwock. After defeating the Jabberwock and retrieving the rubies, Friar Nolan promotes you to the rank of Knight Errant and Deidre helps restore the pathway to the Wyrd.

Who’s that Boss? There are a ton of great bosses to fight in the Wild, but there are three that you shouldn’t miss:

  • Winter Wyrm – Make sure to extract this awesome looking Wyrm’s essence! It’s too cool looking not to put in your house as a house guest.
  • Lady of the Blue Dahlia – There’s a Dread Grimoire pet hidden on her loot table that will help fill out your pet tome.
  • Kiva White Talon – Kiva has a “second chance chest” – when we have our free 1st roll on second chance chests benefit going, it’s totally worth the trip!

Don’t miss this Side Quest! There are three great side quests here that will net you some pretty hefty experience boosts, but the one you can’t miss has to be the quest “Meaner than a Lemon.” Did you know Cassie is a tribute to a fun Flash Game made by a dad and daughter team? Here’s a link in case you haven’t seen this game: https://ponycorns.com/game.html -- the jokes will make much more sense if you know more about where they came from.



Screenshot Favorites


Screenshot of the Month

There is nothing more fun than seeing all of your great screenshots every month. They are all amazing, and thank you for sending them to us. As a reminder, pack up your best three screenshots each month and send them to community@wizard101.com. If you’ve captured a stunning, silly, or otherwise fantastic moment in game, there’s a good chance you’ll be featured as our screenshot of the month.

This month’s screenshot of the month goes to Steven DeathBringer who captured this great shot in Avalon. He titles this great shot “Spring time with a chance of rain and lightning in Lake Shore, Avalon.”

Awesome screenshot, Steven! Thanks for sharing this stunning picture with us!


Fan Art Spotlight


Fan Art Spotlight

We are so appreciative of everyone who sends us their amazing creations based off of Wizard101. It’s always surprising how many truly talented people are in our community. We’d love to see more of everyone’s Fan Art! Please write an email to community@wizard101.com, attach an image of your art, and let us know a little more about you. Thanks!

This month’s Fan Art Spotlight goes to Nikachu, an artist who loves to draw Wizard101 characters, pets, and spells. You can see more a Nikachu’s art from their Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/101nikachus.

In their email, Nikachu said, “Even though this dungeon doesn't want to drop me the hat, I was still inspired to draw it :) Featuring Blaze Lifehammer and Tara Dawnbreaker.” Thanks for sharing this with us!


What's Up in the Community


No Slow to your Roll in Wizard101

The unaffiliated-with-KingsIsle “Community Newsletter” had a great selection of Wizard101-related links this month from around the web. NOTE: Be sure to visit and follow their Twitter page for more information. To subscribe to their newsletter, send a Direct Message to them over Twitter inquiring to be added or email them at community.newsletter.101@gmail.com. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending them an email with the phrase “UNSUB”

On Wizard101 Central, Bailey Jade hosted a Ball-N-Chain race where wizards worked their way to the finish. There is also a video to see it in action!

For Easter, Edward Lifegem hosted his annual Bunny Run and recapped the many highlights of the event.

Stephanie Dawnheart made a documentary where she interviewed wizards with disabilities asking how Wizard101 has helped them.

Paige Moonshade and Duelist101 featured the newest member benefit, Double Reagents.

With the release of the new Unicorn Hoard Pack, wizards all around the Spiral checked out what it had to offer:

Wizards explored everything the April 2018 update had to offer:



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