March 2020



We had a lot of fun celebrating with the community last month’s Friendship Festival, including receiving dozens of Wizard101 poems for the Poetry Contest! Several poems were read on KI Live, so be sure to check out that show further below in this newsletter.

During KI Live we also let slip that there is an upcoming Spring Update that will be heading to Test Realm! We’re very excited to be talking about the new content with you all in the weeks ahead, so keep watch on all Wizard101 news channels for the latest updates. We’ll also have more to say about the Spring Update during March’s KI Live on March 26th.

Let’s take a quick look back on some recent activities that occurred across the Spiral:
  • Friendship Festival and Poetry Contest Winners Announced!
  • New Pet Starter Bundle, Wooden Castle Block Bundle, and Witch Hut Bundle
  • New Spellemental Skyvern Pack
  • New Leprechaun Pet
  • New Deckathalon event changes, New Beastmoon Hunt Beastforms
  • First Double Scroll of Fortune Points benefit
  • 5 B.O.X.E.S. event going through March 8th

Keep updated daily on the latest news for next month on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, including special announcements from community fansites! Read on for more fun happenings with the community and their Spiral activities.


A little poetry can brighten one's day, especially if it’s shared with friends, and today we have the winners of the Friendship Festival’s Poetry Contest to share!

We’ve selected 15 qualified entries to win the new ‘Hearts’ teleport effect in Wizard101, the Sweet Heart Mount in Pirate101, and 10K Crowns! Some entries were also read during February’s KI Live.

Top 15 Selections
Honorable Mentions

Thanks to everyone who participate in this dual Wizard101 and Pirate101 contest! Regardless of whether we chose your entry or not, please feel free to share your entry in the community forums for all to see.


February’s KI Live was full of Friendship Festival poetry! If you are interested in poetry, no worries, we had plenty of interesting news and other fun activities to share:

Secret Reader Bonus - As of this newsletter's announcement, for those who didn't get a chance to redeem the KI Live giveaway code yet, we opened it up again (LUCKYFRIENDS2020) for another 500 redemptions! You get 1x Wizard101 Funky Piggle Pet and 1x Pirate101 Happiness Lion Pet.


In our first ever PvP focused livestream, we answered dozens of community questions about PvP as we had fun spectating community matches. Thanks to everyone who submitted a question! On the livestream was Leah "Professor Falmea" Rubin, Ben "Ratbeard" Durbin, and Matthew "Mattnetic" Fahey. We also had several other developers managing and supporting the livestream.


Congrats to those who completed last season's Winter Scroll of Fortune and received this fine painting for your Wizard's home!


We are continuing to work with our partners on making both games Catalina compatible and feel a resolution is quite close now. To ensure your game access is not interrupted, please wait to install Catalina until we announce full support for the OS.

Thanks for your patience as we work on this updated functionality. We will notify you as soon as support for Catalina becomes available!


BlazeLifehammer shows you how to get free Spellements in this latest community video!


This screenshot is from Maria Lion Tamer, taken of her new home in the Spiral:


For this month’s fan art, we are showcasing a unique character drawing by the well-known Avery @RequiemDemonic:

We would love to see more screenshots and art from the community for next month’s newsletter. Do you have something amazing to share? Send it to us in an email to community@Wizard101.com! We’re always interested in showing off more fan art, gameplay guides, and other content.


Community art by: Swordroll

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