November 2022



By now the floodgates have been opened and Test Realm is online! Speak with Maulwurf von Trap to find out what is going on with the Spiral! A mysterious shard has appeared over Catmandu, a region in the world of Mooshu, let’s see how we, the Wizards, can help!

Arc Four continues! The World Synthesizer in Lemuria was destroyed and then, almost immediately, strange shards appeared over several worlds of the Spiral, connected to each other through magical gates. Together, they form Novus: a new world, a bizarre world, a gift to the peoples of the Spiral, a gift from… Something. The Wizard must reach this place, explore it, master new forms of magic, and navigate the complex politics of the Spiral’s Empires to preserve Novus from those who would corrupt it.

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Novus has been forming! Something strange is hovering over worlds we know, and some we have yet to explore. The Wizard is always right where they need to be, let’s see if they can help!

Check out our most recent Novus Teaser TikTok here!


The 2022 Halloween Contest has officially come to a ghoulish end! All the winners should have received their reward by now, but if you haven’t, please reach out to our email community@kingsisle.com.

Also, if you joined our spooky Halloween KI Live you saw all the winners' decorations and costumes being shown off! If you enjoy this contest and want us to do more like this, reach out to the Community Managers and give us some suggestions on what types of events you would like to participate in!

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In this newly revamped KI Live we celebrated Halloween in all its spooky glory! We discussed everything new about Novus that we can share for now... and we had a lot more to discuss about Pirate101!

Missed the show? No worries! You can watch the recording on YouTube:

It's always a blast hanging out with the community, so let us know what you most like about KI Lives so we can continue to make them even more fun to watch.

For those who didn't get a chance to redeem the KI Live giveaway code yet, we opened it up again FALLSNACKPACKS1022 for another 500 redemptions to get the KI Live Snack Pack in both Wizard101 and Pirate101!

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We’d like to extend an enormous thank you to everyone that participated in the first official Community Spiral Cup! Communities from all around the Spiral competed for the Ultimate Prize, and now we know the Goomers community are the winners! During the first few months of 2023 expect a new Goomers themed mount variant + housing trophy to be added to the game. Below is the final leaderboard of the very first offical IslePlay: Community Spiral Cup!

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Adam Roush is our Senior Concept Artist here at KingsIsle Entertainment. Sometimes Adam will create a series of concept art for a particular scene or character and post them on his social media. Here are a few concepts of his most recent pieces this month:

“Here's the Shadow Webling pet from the Spiral Villains Hoard pack. Just a cute little spider pet. :)” - Adam Roush

“Here's the Cerberus Master gearset. This was really really fun, easily one of my favorites to have designed this year. I especially like the backpack. :D” - Adam Roush

"Here's the Cerberus Master Weapon from the Cerberus Master Pack. It's a mix of dog chew toys." - Adam Roush


For this month’s art spotlight, we are showcasing Kate, Ant, Jojo, and Retro!

“The Mirror will break, The Horn will call, From the shadows I strike, and the skies will fall! Drew Morganthe from Wizard101! She's one of my favorite villains from the game and really wanted to show it! Hope you guys enjoy!” - Kate

“Ice draconian inspired by Wizard101” - Ant

“Woo! a spooky 3 headed friend! or friends? idk either way i love this mount!!” - Jojo

“Final CsC entry for the Goomay community! A tarot card design with Dasein, just in time for Novus.” - Retro

We would love to see more screenshots and art from the community for next month’s newsletter. Do you have something amazing to share? Send it to us in an email to community@kingsisle.com! We’re always interested in showing off more fan art, gameplay guides, videos, and other content.

Thanks, Wizards!


Community art by: Swordroll

Video Spotlight

In this section we wanted to highlight some recent, entertaining videos for the month! If you’d like to be featured in this section, start a new walkthrough, create a review on something new, or do something completely creative!

Earlier this month we were invited onto CheerValX’s YouTube channel to be part of a fun-filled Roundtable about Azoth and Skeleton Key Bosses! Of course, on this Roundtable CheerValX, and Richard UnicornCaller hosted the stream, and Kyle IceWielder, Sparck, Artie, and Cam all joined the show to help answer some questions you guys asked! Thank you all for watching this amazing stream, but if you missed the fun, this is the Highlighted video spotlight this month!!

Don’t stop there... here are some more great videos created this month!

AwesomeTheSauce makes a great video about Wizard City being free for the rest of the year! Great video Sauce!

Wizard101: They Made Wizard City Free for The REST OF THE YEAR - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suuK9L4bY-w

Guide Spotlight

If you need a GREAT guide, this is the place for you! Most of these guides will be up to date and are made by the community! We can’t thank you enough for creating such informative guides. We see and read everything!

Genevieve MoonGarden makes a quick guide for anyone trying to get into the Beastmoon Hunt Event! Great quick guide for any beginner!

Wizard101: BEASTMOON HUNT EVENT Rewards Review and Quick Guide - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9z8y9gj4Zg


This fun section we'll be showing off all the Novus coverage thus far for Test Realm! Spoiler Warning! If you don't wanna know anything about Novus then we suggest to wait until this update hits Live Realm, with that out of the way... Let's check out some fantastic content around the new world!

Zaepha makes an entire video on everything Novus! Che covers the world and what surreal means, some gear, spells, and new features in this test realm!

Faeriequeens shows off all the new Novus spells!

Smojo101 Gives us a look into the new Novus gear!

Genevieve MoonGarden makes a great video showcasing the new exclusive mount and online bundles for Novus!

Blaze LifeHammer made a fantastic video discussing some new features and teases we have been showing off before Test Realm!

AwesomeTheSauce streams Novus all the way till the "No Spoiler" wall!

Richard UnicornCaller starts a series with CheerValX, Colinsnotkey, and Kyle IceWielder to travel through Novus, this is the beginning of their adventure through the new mysterious world!

CheerValX starts a series with Colinsnotkey, Richard UnicornnCaller, and Kyle IceWielder to travel through Novus, this is the beginning of their adventure through the new mysterious world!

Colinsnotkey starts a series with Richard UnicornCaller, CheerValX, and Kyle IceWielder to travel through Novus, this stream is the beginning of their adventure through the new mysterious world!

Ultimate Speedster goes live and shows us the new world Novus on Test Realm, and gives us his thoughts while streaming!

Thank you all so much for covering Novus on Test Realm, these videos and streams were the first to cover a lot of the new content! We saw more and would like to feature your content on a future newsletter! If you ever would like to personally be shown on a monthly newsletter, be sure to reach out to a Community Manager to show something off that we didn't notice! Thank you again!

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