January 1st, 2018


2018: More Fun is Foreseen!

Welcome to 2018 in Wizard101! We aim to celebrate all year long and even more so as we head toward our tenth year of sharing magic with young and old wizards alike. Internally, January will be a time for the developers to buckle down and get to work so we can fulfill Professor Falmea’s exciting statement that “Everything old will be new again.”

Speaking of Professor Falmea, if you haven’t read her recent Producer’s letter, check it out now! She covers all the great accomplishments of 2017, which (as she puts it) has “been a sizzling year for us…” December was a great month! We hope you enjoyed our 12 Days of the Spiral this year and the other fun things that happened, like the Krampus or Claus game on KI *not* Live, new Winter Wonder 2017 pack, new member benefit, Felix Navidad’s return, and more!

Read on for more of our regular newsletter features and fun for fans.


Zone of the Month


Zone of the Month: Chamber of Fire

As a reminder, each month we’ll be looking at a new random zone in Wizard101 to give you some fun insights and a bit of a discount. This month’s pick comes from an earlier part of Wizard101 in Krokotopia, the Chamber of fire. It’s an old zone with a lot of interesting secrets . . . read on!

Name: Chamber of Fire

Location: Krokotopia – The Chamber of Fire is near the beginning of your adventure in Krokotopia, so you won’t have to look further than the giant Pyramid of the Sun right in front of you. After entering the Pyramid of the Sun, hang a left in front of Professor Winthrop, then head straight down the spooky looking excavated hallway.

Description: The first striking feature of this zone is the giant excavating pit with an equally giant construction pulley constantly moving up and down. The second notable feature is the imposing zig-zagging ramps that lead out of the excavation area up to a hallway of patrolling Fire Elementals.

Cost: This premium area in Wizard101 is encountered early in a Wizard’s journey and only costs 915 Crowns, but again, because this is our zone of the month, we’ve discounted this area to 750 Crowns through 15 January 2018! It’s a great time to pick up this area in Wizard101 if you’ve missed it along your way or even if this is your first time through.

Zeke Item? Yup! The beetles are here in Krokotopia, but we can work it out – Make sure to peek into our pictures below for some help from us, not just anybody…

Chests: Yes! Wizards can find Wooden Chests (but not Silver ones) near the Champion’s Chamber, near the Chamber of the Chosen, and near the Zeke Beetle in the excavation pit.

Secrets: One of the most fun secrets in the Chamber of Fire is a head nod to times gone by. If you travel all the way down the dark edge of the very top level of the excavation site (where not many people run), the words “Chamber of Fire” and “Excavation Site” will flash on the screen even though there’s no doorway there . . . mysterious!

Here is a couple more:

  • Crafters will find TothAmuun selling level 15 balance gear recipes here.
  • Need a lift? Don’t miss the opportunity to “borrow” a free Tall Ladder housing item from the Marleybonians here! Head into the Excavation Site and go all the way to far end, next to the ramp, and click X. (See pictures)

Reagents: Ore, Parchment, Stone Block (See pictures)

Fishing: No fishing here! (... and that’s because there’s no water in this zone... it’s probably a best practice to bring a canteen with you into a place called the “Chamber of Fire.”)

Teleporters: None (Whew, might have been handy to have one to travel all the way up to those Fire Elementals though, am I right?)

What’s the 4-1-1? The story of the Chamber of Fire centers on Assistant Danforth, a Marleybonian Explorer who’s trying to find a way into the “Palace of Fire” through the Chamber of Fire. Why? To find the infamous Krokonomicon! Before you know it, you’re assisting the assistant to Assistant Danforth (that’s Robert Lancaster to you) in finding two Key Stones to do just that! Help find those Keys, and you’ll be awarded with a Hat that’s specific to your School. Best of luck!

Who’s that Boss? The Nirini Quartermaster is a Rank 3 Fire Boss here. He commands the Charmed Slaves, the Nirini Sentries and all other “living” creatures that roam here . . . including the Flame Servants! When his men fail him, he takes charge to fight your fire power with some fire.

Don’t miss farming these Chamber of Fire bosses for a chance at these three Crown Shop items:

  • The Soulkeeper has a Tall Palm tree hidden on his loot table.
  • The Nirini Quartermaster can be farmed for “the Swing” hairstyle
  • The Nirini Champion can drop the Swindler Mask Crown Shop item as well

Don’t miss this Side quest! As long as you’re level 10 when you cross Salam Ibn’dur’s path in the Chamber of Fire, he’ll offer you a quest to help break the charm that the Krokotopian Tuts have placed on his people, the Manders. This side quest chain will have you besting the Nirini Champion, freeing the Manders from servitude, and earning a great promise from Salam Ibn’dur, “your bravery in the pyramid of the Sun shall be remembered!”

Also not to be missed, The Chamber of Fire hides a secret door with two Obelisks beside it. You may only enter after completing a side quest chain from Hetch Al’Im in the Oasis. As it turns out, not only are the Manders being charmed in this life, they’re also be enslaved in the afterlife. Can you defeat the Soulkeeper and ensure all Manders a peaceful afterlife?


KI *not* Live


A Special Holiday KI *not* Live

Hopefully you caught our special holiday episode last month. We had a lot of fun playing Krampus or Klaus with our gracious victims...um, Developers. We asked them some tough questions (the game starts around the 10:54 second mark), so now we ask you...were you able to get all of them correct? Play along and let us know on the Message Boards!


Screenshot of the Month


Screenshot of the Month

There are so many times when playing Wizard101 where the moment is so awesome . . . so amazing, you simply forget to snap a screenshot because you're caught up in the moment . . . WHAT? NO?! HOW COULD YOU?! It's ok. We understand, but if you do remember to press Control+G and the print screen button every once in a while, we’d love to see those moments you've captured! Send your best three each month to community@wizard101.com. We’re waiting!

This month’s screenshot of the month comes from a beautifully garbed and seasonably festive player known as Cori Death. Cori sent us some wonderful holiday screenshots this year, and this was the best of the bunch! We loved seeing her standing proudly in front of her holiday masterpiece. Thanks for sending us this timely screenshot, Cori!

For more tips, check out this blog post with helpful screen shot hints. Don’t forget to press Control+G before you snap your picture!


Fan Art Spotlight


Fan Art Spotlight

Our talented fans are truly amazing. Your dedication to art and showing how much fun you all have using our games as inspiration makes us so happy. Thank you for continuing to send us your creations. Keep it up! If you make something you can’t wait to show us, we can’t wait to see it! Send your work to community@wizard101.com. Thanks!

This month’s fan art comes from an artist known as Hiccuping Dino: Run Finnigan! That obsidian chest looks hungry! RUN!

When asked to elaborate a bit more on this unfortunate chase scene, Hiccuping Dino said, "I saw the new Obsidian Mimic pet and thought how funny it might be if a character stumbled upon it thinking it was a real obsidian chest and tried to open it much to their unfortunate surprise!"


What's Up in the Community


Christmas Around the Community

The unaffiliated-with-KingsIsle “Community Newsletter” had a great selection of Wizard101-related links this month from around the web. NOTE: Be sure to visit and follow their Twitter page for more information. To subscribe to their newsletter, send a Direct Message to them over Twitter inquiring to be added or email them at community.newsletter.101@gmail.com. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending them an email with the phrase “UNSUB”

Last month’s KI Live introduced a new Team Up kiosk vendor that arrived when Derrick Blaze came to the KingsIsle office with Make-a-Wish. Many wizards were excited and interested to check it out:

The 2017 Winter Wonder Pack came to the Spiral as many wizards reviewed and opened the new pack:




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