Celebrate Friendship with Festive Items!

Gather all your friends – the Friendship Festival has returned! Valentina HeartSong is back in the Shopping District with your favorite February items. If you search the Spiral’s waters, you’ll also find a familiar friendship mystery fish lurking below.

Be on the lookout - Festive Friendship Festival items will be making their return to the Crown Shop throughout the month of February! Keep checking back here and on social media to see when your favorites are back in the shop.

Friendship Festival Items Have Returned

  • Friendship Pack
  • Care Hare and Friends Bundle
    • Care Hare Mount
    • Friendship Oni Pet
    • Mega Snack Pack
  • Friendship Aquarium
  • Vase of Red Roses Housing Item
  • Bear Bundle
    • Friendship Teddy Bear Housing Item
    • Black Friendship Bear Housing Item
    • Brown Friendship Bear Housing Item
    • Pink Friendship Bear Housing Item
    • Velvet Friendship Bear Housing Item
  • Mander Bundle
    • Blue Friendship Mander Housing Item
    • Orange Friendship Mander Housing Item
    • Purple Friendship Mander Housing Item
  • Sloth Bundle
    • Plush Hug Sloth Housing Item
    • Slowpoke Sloth Mount
  • Friendship Table Bundle
    • Friendship Table Housing Item
    • Friendship Balloons Housing Item
    • Friendship Pack
  • Best Friends Seat Bundle
    • Best Friends Seat Housing Item
    • Friendship Balloons Housing Item
    • Friendship Pack
  • Swan Boat Bundle
    • Swan Paddle Boat Housing Item
    • 3 Friendship Packs
  • Red Cap Pet
  • Red Panda Pet
  • Pink Jellyfish Pet
  • Pink Cactus Hopper Pet
  • Burning Pixie Pet
  • Li'l Siren Pet
  • Hippogriff Mount
  • Wuffalump Mount
  • Dark Redwing Mount
  • Solar Sabercat Mount
  • Great Hornocerous Mount
  • Dream Filly Mount
  • Soaring Heart Wings Mount
  • Avalon Rose Stained Glass Housing Item
  • Friendship Balloons Housing Item
  • Sweet Heart Mount
  • Lovely Leopard Pet
  • Lovely Ladybug Pet

Hurry, the Friendship Festival and its items will leave on Sunday, February 28th! Happy Friendship Festival!

Get the Desktop Wallpaper!

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