Will you be lightning fast as you battle your way through the Storm Deckathalon? Now through the morning of November 26th, Wizards level 10 and up can break out their best Treasure Cards and battle their way through the Storm Tower.

Non-Members can enter the tower for free twice per day when an event is running and Members get 4 free entries to the tower per day. You’re allowed no bonuses from your gear or weapons (except for bonuses granted by your deck and any pet may-cast abilities) and no prepared spells, just Treasure Cards.

Everyone will gain pips instead of power pips and shadow pips, and everyone has the same proficiency at spell casting treasure cards for every school. You’ll have to use strategy to make it through! The only gear that will assist you as you ascend the tower is your deck and any jewels affixed to that deck. Craft the special Deckthlete’s decks during this event to aid you in battle!

As you ascend, you’ll unlock recipes to craft upgradeable decks that will aid you in your Deckathalon adventures. Can you make it to the top of the tower to unlock the recipe for the all-powerful Hands of Fate?

While you’re fighting your way up the tower, you’ll also earn points that will fill up your individual progress bar. As that progress bar fills up, you’ll receive bonus rewards! If you complete the individual progress bar, you’ll earn yourself the adorable Storm Class Pet.

There is no leaderboard and no global progress bar, just your individual progress bar. The best loot will be unlocked from the start of the event but remember, the higher the tower level that you’re battling, the better the loot drops!

Visit Gamma the Owl in the Wizard City Library to get started!

Hurry! This event ends at 9:30 AM CST on November 26th! Please note that you only have ~72 hours after this event ends to redeem individual progress rewards.