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  • 5,000 Crowns
  • Outlaw's Refuge
  • Vulpine Avenger Mount
  • Fairfly Pet
  • Dashing Outlaw Gear
  • Ranger's Marksman Bow
  • 5,000 Crowns
  • Shinobi Dojo
  • Shinobi Dragon 2-Player Mount
  • Dyeable Shinobi Turtle Pet
  • Shinobi Gear
  • Shinobi Throwing Star Weapon
  • 5,000 Crowns
  • Nomad Camp
  • Desert Racer Mount
  • Sultan's Monkey Pet
  • Mirage Dunerunner's Gear
  • Desert Lodestar Staff
  • 5,000 Crowns
  • The Great Tower Clock Gauntlet
  • Dyeable Clockwork Courser Mount
  • Battle Cherub Pet
  • Dragoon's Vesture Outfit
  • Dragoon's Rapier Weapon
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