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Feedback Friday 3-28-14

Dec 07, 2013
Oh. My. Gosh. My dream bundle would definitely be this...

1. Clothes- The Faire Court Armor. I just have always wanted that armor for a very long time, and I would definitely spend some money to get it. (Everything in this bundle centers around the Faire Court Armor)

2. Wand- The wand would have to be a bow and arrow that matches the Faire Court Armor design with the calligraphy details that the armor has.

3. Pet- I wanted the pet for this bundle to be a pet that already exists and matches the Faire Court Armor... The Harpy. The Harpy's design on its armor looks extremely similar to the Faire Court design. You could even make it more similar if you decide to do this bundle.

4. Mount- The only wait I could see a mount in this bundle is a mount that is a butterfly. Not butterfly wings, but an actual butterfly. It could even have the same design as the armor, but different colors so you don;t blend in so much that you look like on being.

5. House- (I wouldn't mind if there is not a house in this bundle and instead just something like the Fish Bowl in the Atlantian Bundle. This is just what I think it would be like if you did decide to integrate a house into this bundle if you decide to do this bundle) The way I see a house coming out of this bundle is a luxury house. The theme of it would be futuristic, (not like Celestia at all) metal, and calligraphy so it can match the armor, and it should also have a jungle feel to it. And most important, it needs an arena. I think that a house like that would be awesome.

I would love to see this bundle come to life. I can picture me ( well, my wizard) going questing in this awesome armor on an awesome mount, and going to their awesome castle for a break from questing to go garden and craft. To put it in a company's point of view like Kingisle, I can picture my real self going to Wal-Mart to buy that bundle the day or the day after it comes out.

But what would the bundle be called?
The Faire Court Bundle...

Liam Icebreath

Sep 07, 2011
I like a lot of these ideas!

I want a pet ranch for sure. I wouldn't want a zoo, as I don't like pets in cages, but a big wildlife park is perfect.

A MB bundle would be great, with a clock tower dungeon, a two person old-fashioned bike mount, and some cool 'steam-punk' attire.

How about a custom dungeon, like a level editor where we could set up our own battles? We would have to pick from a menu of creatures already in the game of course, but we could decide which ones and how many, and select the number of levels, and a theme. Drops would be based on difficulty, so we couldn't get high level rewards from low level foes, but we would get whatever those mobs or bosses drop in the live game. There could be a few special new bosses we could put in final battles for extra loot.

I'd also like an Australia themed bundle (and world hint hint) with Koala, Kangaroo, Dingo pets and mounts, outback outfits and landscapes.

Mar 29, 2012
I have been dreaming of an Avalon gauntlet for quite some time. It is one of my favorite worlds and I would love to be able to share it with my friends bane style.

Amber Raven Song ( ok ok too)

Apr 17, 2013
I would like a bundle that has a good storm pet and a good costume gear. Such as the gear that used to be in the epic bundle. That gear looked very cool, also adding in some good gear for stitching and give the ability to stitch with gold or gift stitching with gold. Also with a good looking wand, not too huge like most wands in the crowns shop, something like winged deliverance or life force blade for looks and make it a moon school wand like crescent axe of the astrals.

Level 50 Death

Apr 29, 2012
I just had a sudden idea, and I hope this gets through before the topic closes:

Detective Bundle:


Copper's Cap
Constable's Cloak
Sherlock's Shoes
Detective's Pipe (Wand)


Sherlock Bones - Gives 1 Precognition (Balance, 4 pips, see the target's deck for 3 turns) at baby, 2 at ancient.


Black Cab - +30% speed, 4 person (I cut the speed for the extra people)


Crime Scene (dungeon) & Scotland Yard Tapestry.

1 month subscription or 5,000 crowns.

Thanks everyone for the feedback! I can tell you that we discussed some of the points of this thread in a meeting this week, and a few of the things on this list (not saying which) are already in the works!

A new post will be up shortly!

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)
Dec 07, 2013
Professor Falmea! I am grateful for you because you make me so excited about playing this game, even though my mom thinks I am too old for it. (I am only 14) and she thinks that it ruins my brain, but I always ask her the same question when she says that. "How am I in the gifted program and taking classes grades above my grade level?"

I always find a way to play the game…

I just wanted to give you (and the Kingsisle team) my appreciation for all of your creative minds, powerful efforts, and brute strength to create and code and design the single most best game in the spiral.

Keep up the magic!

Liam IceBreathGrandmaster Thaumaturge

Nov 11, 2011
Color Bundle

I've decided that kingisle should upgrade their bundles by putting gauntlets in it.
p.s: of course it costs $49 or $59 dollars!

Castle: Floating Prism
Attire: Rainbow Knight's Attire
Wand: Sword of the Ancient Prism

Pet: Color Pegasus +1 Color Dragon (100 per pip to all enemies) at baby +1 Color Hound( 125 per pip for 3 rounds) at adult and +1 Color Pegasus( 200 heal per pip to all friends+ 300 absorb to all)
Mount: Rainbow Train (3-P Mount)
Gauntlet: Ruined Prism
5000 Crowns/ 1 Month Membership