December 03, 2009

Wizard101™ School House Rocks

Wizard101™ School House Rocks
WIZARD101™ Player Houses – Schools of Magic

Plano, TX - December 03, 2009 - This December, Wizard101 is introducing more housing options for its players. In addition to the houses based on the worlds of Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Moo Shu and Dragonspyre, players can indulge their inner-decorator by purchasing a house based on one of the seven schools of magic. The houses’ décor reflects the magic schools of life, death, fire, ice, myth, storm and balance.

There are two purchasing options for the school houses. Players can buy their favorite school house for 10,000 Crowns or 100,000 in-game Gold. The two options ensure that the houses are available to all players.

Additionally, many more houses are currently in development for those who enjoy the ability to customize their personal space.

School of Magic houses will be available for purchase mid-December.

Wizard House Fast Facts:
  1. Houses currently available include: Wizard City small and big island, Krokotopia small and big island, Marleybone small and big island, Moo Shu small and big island and Dragonspyre small and big island.
  2. Seven additional school houses based on the seven schools of magic: life, death, fire, ice, myth, storm and balance.
  3. School houses may be purchased for 10,000 Crowns (20 USD) or 100,000 in-game Gold.
  4. School houses will be available mid-December.

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