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School is back in session!

Get ready for all your new classes with the Classroom Bundle, School Board Housing Item, and School Locker Housing Item back in the Crown Shop!

The Classroom Bundle includes:

  • 2 Customizable Chalkboard Housing Items
  • 2 Fancy Wall Sconce Housing Items
  • 2 Small Stage Housing Items
  • 2 Notebook Housing Items
  • 6 Ravenwood Desk Housing Items
  • And much more!
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Paint a new picture!

The new Painting Easel Housing Item, Brush Set Bundle, and Paint Set Bundle are now in the Crown Shop! Get everything you need to find freedom on your canvas!

The Brush Set Bundle offers:

  • Painting Supplies Housing Items
  • 3 Paintbrush Housing Items

The Paint Set Bundle includes:

  • Red Paint Tube Housing Item
  • Green Paint Tube Housing Item
  • Blue Paint Tube Housing Item
  • Yellow Paint Tube Housing Item
  • Purple Paint Tube Housing Item
  • Orange Paint Tube Housing Item
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Take advantage while you can, these items and bundles will disappear on 10/1!