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Crown Shop!

Get high powered gear, amazing pets, the coolest mounts and much more!

Have you been to the Wizard101 Crown Shop lately? We've been busy stocking it full with all kinds of items to help you on your quest to defeat Malistaire.

Whether you're interested in being a powerhouse PvP knight, want a cool rare pet to play with in the pet games, or need some powerful gear to beat a tough boss - the Crown Shop is for you.


What is the Crown Shop?

The Crown Shop is a store to get special items to customize your Wizard and your Wizard101 game experience. Most of the items in the Crown Shop are exclusively available for Crowns, but some can be purchased for gold as well. At nearly every part of the game players have access to the Crown Shop, just look in the upper left corner of your screen and click "Shop!"

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What Can I Get?

The Crown Shop is more than just flashy, powerful gear - although we definitely have that! Are you in the middle of battling a really tough boss by yourself? In the Crown Shop you can hire a high leveled Henchman Wizard from any school to come to your aid! That's just one of the great premium additions the Crown Shop has in store for you - below see each type of item we keep in stock.


If you're running low on gold, you can buy more in the Crown Shop.


The Crown Shop has all kinds of mounts for your Wizard, from Fairy Wings to horses! You can either rent a mount for temporary use, or buy permanent transportation. All mounts increase your game travel speed by 40%!


Premium pets can be found in the Crown Shop! Special seasonal pets, limited time offers and powerful companions are here for your Wizard.


Our selection of special card packs will help you out in different zones, like Pet snacks or Ultra Rare gear. Randomly drawn from tons of great items, each pack is a surprise!

Housing Items

The Crown Shop has a variety of home inspired goods. There are special houses for each School of Magic, mini games to put into your house for easy play, and special housing items to be found.


There are lots of really neat plants for your garden- like these couch potatoes! Crown Shop plants yield high rewards and add some fun to your garden.


Whether you're looking to get powerful spells or just some really cool looking gear that will help your Wizard in combat - the Crown Shop clothing has something for you!


Powerful & sparkling, these Crown Shop weapons come in a variety of looks with different spells and power to back them up.


Do you need some extra health or mana for a tough dungeon? Or maybe want your School of Magic's spells to be more powerful? Elixirs last for a limited time, and greatly boost your Wizard in a variety of zones.


If you've wanted to stroll around Wizard City like a Gobbler or other fun characters, now is your chance! These special potions transform your Wizard for a limited time from normal appearance to a Gobbler, Krok Mummy or more.


Some bosses or dungeons are too difficult to conquer solo, and if your Wizard friends aren't online but you're trying to progress - hiring a Henchman can be your answer. For a tiny amount of Crowns, you can choose a highly leveled tough Wizard from any of the Schools of Magic to help you battle!


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