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  • Unforgiven Dead Gauntlet
  • 7,500 Crowns
KingsIsle stands with Ukraine. One hundred percent of net earnings of this bundle will be donated to support affected families and children from Ukraine. This charity bundle includes:
  • Glorious Hero's Cap
  • Glorious Hero's Shirt
  • Glorious Hero's Boots

  • The Great Sky Train Robbery Gauntlet
  • 7,500 Crowns

  • Doomsday Krok Gauntlet
  • 7,500 Crowns
  • 5,000 Crowns
  • Everafter Village
  • Pumpkin Carriage Mount
  • Additional Castle Elixir
  • Noble Toad Pet
  • Monarch's Attire
  • Poison Apple Weapon
  • 5,000 Crowns
  • Scare-Us-Wheel Housing Item
  • Evil Carnival Wagon Mount
  • Scare Bear Pet
  • Sinister Harlequin Gear
  • Mallet of the Midway Weapon
  • 5,000 Crowns
  • The Accursed Play Gauntlet
  • Stage Ship Mount - 2 player rider
  • Drama Llama Pet
  • Dramaturgist's Gear
  • Dramaturgist's Wand
  • 5,000 Crowns
  • Gyrocycle Mount
  • Barkerville Hound Pet
  • Sherlock's Outfit
  • Sherlock's Eyeglass
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
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