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This is no joke!

Now through Tuesday, April 30th, April Fools favorites are back in the Crown Shop!

April Fools returning pets include:

  • Pet Rock
  • Trolling Stone Pet
  • Roccaneer Pet
  • Rock Skipper Pet

April Fools returning mounts include:

  • Slowpoke Sloth (PERM)
  • Mighty Steed (PERM)
  • Wonky the Donkey (PERM)
  • Rubber Ducky (PERM)
  • Coolest Mount Ever (PERM)
  • Ball-N-Chain (PERM)
  • Maximum Horsepower (PERM)
  • Windbreaker (PERM)
  • Couch Potato (PERM)
  • Barrel of Fun (PERM)

Free Hat Giveaway:

We're also giving away a free Helm of Ultimate Protection hat! Now your Wizard can be protected from all the unknown dangers of the Spiral. Use code APRILFOOLS24 before 11:59 PM CST today 4/1 to get yours.


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