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  null Hello and welcome to Wizard101 Ringtones! Here you will find Wizard101 Ringtones made from sounds and music in the game! Please see your phone's instruction manual for how to install ringtones.
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Aquila Combat
Aquila Olympus
Arcanum Theme
Avalon Combat
Avalon Hub
Azteca Combat
Azteca Zocalo
Celestia Combat
Celestia MarleyExplorer
Darkmoor Combat
Darkmoor Theme
DragonSpyre Combat
DragonSpyre Hub
Empyrea Aeriel
Empyrea Aeroplains
Empyrea FlotsamStorm Combat
Empyrea Husk AethyCombat
Grizzleheim AbandonedCity
Khrysalis Bastion
Khrysalis ShadowPalace Combat
Krokotopia Hub
Krokotopia Kombat
MacDeath BossCombat
MacDeath Theatre Combat
MaestroEvent TelegraphBox
Marleybone Combat
Marleybone Hub
Mirage Caravan
Mirage Chronoverge Combat
MooShu Combat
MooShu Hub
PigswickAcademy Combat
PigswickAcademy Hub
Polaris FrozenCombat
Polaris Walruskberg
Sinbad BossCombat
Sinbad Combat
UnicornWay TheDarkness
WizardCity Combat
WizardCity Commons
WizardCity FireCave
WizardCity Graduation
WizardCity HauntedCaves
WizardCity Hub
WizardCity Menu
WizardCity OldeTown
WizardCity RavenWood
WizardCity TheDrains
WizardCity TheElsewhere Combat
WizardCity Title
WizardCity TutorialStorm
WizardCity Unicorn
Zafaria Combat
Zafaria Hub
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