Use Crowns to unlock premium world zones, purchase permanent account upgrades, ride mounts to travel quickly, decorate your very own castle, collect all your favorite pets, bring henchemen into battle alongside you and many more cool items to help your Wizard across the Spiral! These items are located in the in-game Crown Shop.


Buy Crowns

Explore more by purchasing premium zones!
Buy them once, play them forever.

Instantly reach level 50, unlock a 7th character slot, enjoy 1 Month of Prepaid Time, and more!

Get at least a +40% speed boost with every permanent mount and travel the Spiral in style!

Train pets to aid you in battle and deck out your house with unique furniture!

Love to participate in events? Unlock the Scroll of Fortune for even more rewards as you progress!

Make a splashy entrance with colorful Teleport Effects. Stay for the party with fun dance emotes!

In a tight spot? Summon Henchmen to help you fight and win the toughest battles!

Buy Crowns