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"It's great to see kids getting so excited and involved in a game that, as a teacher, I can feel good about recommending for play."
Amy Gonzalez, English Teacher, Austin Independent School District

An Important Note


While developing Wizard101, the ultimate Wizard game for kids, we realized the style and content of the game would appeal to all ages, and wanted to ensure it was safe for kids. As a result of our young audience, we decided to incorporate safeguards that make online play in our Wizard games for kids a generally safe and positive experience (especially when dealing with other players).

Below, you can read about some of the features and functions we have placed in the game in order to create a safe game for kids. By creating a parent account, you are able to turn these features on or off and determine the acceptable level of safety for your children.


Menu Chat


As shown above, our free Wizard games for kids feature a safe Menu Chat system that offers a wide range of pre-selected phrases, greetings and emotions that give players flexibility with in-game communication while keeping exchanges safe and family-friendly.


Pre-Generated Player Names


All player names are selected from pre-configured lists that allow thousands of potential combinations. A player can choose a name in our Wizard game for kids that reflects his/her individuality but is not inappropriate nor reveals too much personal information.


Parental Controls

In the "My Accounts" management settings, we have included Parental Controls which allow you to set a password that only you know in order to restrict access to your credit card information. These Parental Controls also allow you to manage your child's account settings, such as the ability to chat with other players.

We encourage all parents to enable the Parental Control Password as it will prevent your child from making purchases without your knowledge.

Moderated Message Boards


Our message boards have been designed to allow players to exchange game information and experiences, ask questions about the game, and generally socialize with other players. To ensure all interactions are safe, we have a team of moderators overseeing all message board activity. They review, edit, and sometimes delete messages so board discussions stay safe and on-track.

Our message board review system was designed to filter inappropriate language, topics, and players’ personal information before messages are posted. We will remain diligent in these efforts to ensure the boards remain constructive, fun, and safe for players of all ages.

Your child’s safety is of utmost importance to us. We strive to provide a safe game for kids that incorporates fun, learning, and interaction with other players. The free online games for kids created by KingsIsle Entertainment will always abide by these standards.

To learn more about keeping your child safe online, here is a list of articles and websites that will encourage discussion and provide more tips and information.
  1. FBI's Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
  2. FTC's OnGuard Online
  3. Get Safe Online
  4. FEMA for Kids
  5. Google Tips for Online Safety
  6. Connect Safely
There's also an online consciousness contract that you and your family can sign to help with awareness and behaviors online. This contract is located at The Parent / Child Digital Consciousness Contract

  • We’re rated E 10 and up for Crude Humor and Mild Fantasy Violence
  • We won the Massively Award for Best of the Decade

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