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Being Safe Online
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We at KingsIsle Entertainment take your privacy and safety very seriously. Below are rules, guidelines and discussion points about how to keep safe online, whether you're making a purchase, playing the game, interacting with others, or just surfing the net.

Click on a button below to learn more about Credit Card Safety, Game Safety & Etiquette, and Online Safety & Etiquette.

Be a good sport and protect yourself & others.
To learn more about keeping your child safe online, here is a list of articles and websites that will encourage discussion and provide more tips and information.
  1. FBI's Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
  2. FTC's OnGuard Online
  3. Get Safe Online
  4. FEMA for Kids
  5. Google Tips for Online Safety
  6. Connect Safely
There's also an online consciousness contract that you and your family can sign to help with awareness and behaviors online. This contract is located at The Parent / Child Digital Consciousness Contract

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