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Pack your things and explore the world of Wallaru! From Eucalyptus Forest to the Wobbegong Territory, the mysterious world is home to koalas, kangaroos, wallabys, and wombats. Inspired by Australia at the turn of the 20th century, Wallaru is the land of the Outback, where inspiration awaits those who can reach and become one with The Dreaming.

You begin the tour of Wallaru in Hope Springs and then move into the Outback, seeking the fabled Dreaming while engaging in adventurous quests all along the way. Can you ease tensions between the local factions and open the way to The Dreaming? Will the answers they find there bring peace to the living world of Novus before the Spiral goes to war? Or will a lurking evil turn the dream into a nightmare?

Exploring the world of Wallaru is just the beginning - there is also the extravagant new Guild Musuem for you and your friends to fill up. In addition, there are new spells, pvp changes, and fresh updates to Beastmoon events!

Have a look at the update notes below and then once officially announced on social media, you can log in to check it all out!

Update Content:


Update Notes





The fourth and final world of Wizard101’s fourth story arc, Wallaru is a mysterious world of Koalas and Kangaroos, Wallabies and Wombats. The Wizard has met a scholar from Wallaru, and now they’ll finally travel there! Inspired by Australia at the turn of the 20th century, Wallaru is the land of the Outback, where inspiration awaits those who can become one with The Dreaming.

Wizards begin their tour of Wallaru in Hope Springs and then move into the Outback, seeking the fabled Dreaming while engaging in adventurous quests all along the way. Can you ease tensions between the local factions and open the way to The Dreaming? Will the answers they find there bring peace to the living world of Novus before the Spiral goes to war? Or will a lurking evil turn the dream into a nightmare?

New Spells

Each school will also get a new spell! After the first half of Wallaru, players will be called to complete brand-new school specific spell quests. These spells are AOEs and continue melding schools of magic to give even more power!


Zander's quest Wallaru Magic has a new PreReq - The Outback Steps In

More Monstrology

Monstrology has been added to certain mobs in Wallaru! Gather them all!

Introducing the Guild Museum


Welcome to the Guild Museum where you can immortalize your guild’s adventures through the Spiral. The Avalon Gallery can now be unlocked with the help of players in your guild. Speak to Finn Celtus on the Guild Island to get started. First your guild must unlock Museum Island.


On Museum Island, you’ll find a Druidic device called a Prima Magnes which grants elixirs that allows you to collect the Prima Materia of artifacts for the exhibits. To power the Prima Magnes, your guild will need to craft a Quintescent Core. Once powered, the Prima Magnes will stay active for a few minutes.


To use the Prima Magnes, two or more players must cast Magic Touch on the Prima Magnes to get a Prima Magnetism Elixir. If 2 to 5 players perform the ritual, they will all receive a Basic Prima Magnetism elixir which will collect 1 Prima Materia of an artifact. 6 to 11 players will receive a Standard Prima Magnetism elixir which will collect 2 Prima Materia of an artifact. 12 or more players will receive a Superior Prima Magnetism which will collect 3 Prima Materia of an artifact.

When you have a Prima Magnetism Elixir and are in a gallery world, you will be level-scaled appropriately.

At least 2 players with a Prima Magnetism Elixir must be present in a fight to collect the Prima Materia of an Artifact. Collect all the Prima Materia of the Artifacts in an Exhibit to enable the Promotion Ritual. Exhibits can have up to three tiers, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The first time an exhibit is promoted, it is revealed in the Gallery.

Once all the Exhibits have been promoted, perform a Promotion Ritual on the Gallery Podium to promote the entire Gallery. Galleries also have three tiers, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Promoting the Gallery unlocks rewards.


New Beastmoon Forms

Fire Fairy


Fire Fairy may be small, but it’s more powerful than other small Fire forms with its ability to deal big damage while also setting up massive Damage Over Time effects. Use this Fairy to demolish any Myth opponents.

Myth Krokomummy


Myth Krokommumy relies on its minion more than other Myth forms, but fear not; the minion will go further than any minion to protect its owner. Plus! You can use the summon minion spell to buff your other hits while your minion is present.

Life Rat Thief


Introducing the strongest healer to ever walk the Beastmoon Arenas: Life Rat Thief! Life Rat has a strong ability to keep itself and allies alive for as long as possible while also dealing a satisfactory amount of damage. Also, Life Rat sees the return of the healing afterlife last seen on Life Draconian.

Balance Elf


With the Balance Elf, you can manipulate your opponent’s pips like never before by removing and stealing pips. As all Balance forms use a combination between two hanging effects to leverage, the Balance Elf uses DOTs and Weaknesses together. This form is a powerful competitor for any Beastmoon team.

Death Colossus


Having trouble fighting against Storm forms and all their blades? Death Colossus punishes Blades harder than any other form. It also has many other tricks up its sleeves as it tries to deal damage and weaken its opponents.


Beastmoon Event Unique Rewards December – April


Above are the expected Pets and Gold Idols for the next few months of Beastmoon events! As you may have noticed, Mayhem now has a larger selection of Gold Idols to choose from each month.

This is just one of many Beastmoon reward improvements in this update, which includes cosmetic recipe reductions, transmute recipes, and more spellements from matches and seeds. The transmute recipes will allow you to get extra idols from your excess Gold and Regular Idols on your Tier 1 and Tier 5 forms. There are also 2 new Hasty Harvest spells that allow you to Hasty Harvest lower level Beastmoon Seeds for a lower energy cost. Talk to Acteon in the Arena to see these changes.

Check out the Event Schedule for the exact dates of the events and be sure to keep watch on the Live update notes and the game’s social media channels for any upcoming announcements.

New to Beastmoon events? Stop by the official site to peruse the many event guides from players in the community.


Several spells have been updated for PvP- most notably heal over time spells. Spells affected include:
  • Beary Surprise
  • Dark and Stormy
  • Goat Monk
  • Hungry Caterpillar
  • Regenerate

Additional Patch Notes


February 22, 2024
  • Dungeon Recall is now working properly
  • Implemented some Zone tweaks for latency issues
  • Broken Dreams with longer paths have been removed
  • Pharoah Rama-Krok no longer casts his Healing Over Time "Krok Ankh"
  • Hatred of Dingoes no longer has Challenge Mode stats and cheats
  • Malus Wrexxus badge now takes 15 defeats to earn rather than 25
    • Players may have to win an additional round of defeats to match the new badge settings, so if you were on 20/25 which is now 20/15, you must defeat Malus one more time for the badge to update.
  • Freddie Challenge mode no longer incorrectly reacts to auras

February 7, 2024

Nightmare Dungeon
  • Standard Mode has been added to the Nightmare Dungeon
  • Nightmare Dungeon now has a warning message
  • Nightmare Dungeon says ‘Dungeon Over’
  • Standard mode Fleet fight now correctly drops the expected loot
  • Fixed several bugs with Challenge mode Freddie and modified cheat text to better communicate his actions
Spells & Quests
  • Avalon: Players should once again be able to progress in the Crystal Caves
  • Judge Willow NPC in Wallaru Life Spell Quest "Zander's Very Own Spell" has been fixed
  • Path A of Gravestorm now drains for the intended 50%, not 100%
  • Fire Shark Pet Spell has been fixed to hit the intended one time
  • Troll path B is temporarily banned from advanced content until a fix can be implemented
  • You can now copy friend codes to clipboard on-click
  • Bright Red Rose Banner name has been fixed
  • Wallaru Rugs Housing Objects are now working as intended
  • Some Wallaru Housing Items have changed categories for easier sorting
  • Several pet spells now match their trained versions
  • Fixed display bugs on various gear pieces


Something is still stirring in the Dreaming, something malignant and croaking. It haunts the fitful sleep of Wallaru, and lingers into the waking hours, inspiring hatred and violence and Malus. You must return to this conflicted world, venture back into the Dreaming and fight through the Nightmare at its heart.

This is a new type of dungeon where up to 4 players work together to explore a maze patrolled by Broken Dreams. Use stealth and teamwork to avoid these invincible monsters, cleanse the negative energy and defeat the Malus that created it once and for all. Help Wallaru awaken from its long Nightmare and earn the powerful new Dream Reaver gear.

The Nightmare Dungeon will originally be released in Challenge Mode with a Standard Mode soon after.


The process to develop this dungeon was extensive. There are a few known issues players should be aware of listed below. This dungeon is going to be quite a challenge to get through, so let us know what you see needs tweaking and what you like or dislike about the experience!

Currently known issues (watch for these once the dungeon is released soon!):

  • No dungeon warning telling participants the Nightmare requires 4-players
  • Timer still progresses while VO plays, but will not progress for those who do not play the VO
  • Pet item cards are un-disabling themselves after the player logs back in

PATCH NOTES (to go live with the dungeon)

Spells & Quests

  • Fixed Judge Veg in Bunyip Warrens and in Wobbegong
  • Fixed Joan Locke is in Camp when she is supposed to be in Wobbegong Territory
  • Fixed Freddie’s Dreamscape post-Campfire dialogue to trigger properly
  • Fixed Wallaru text to dialogue in some areas
  • Freddy Kroaker Encounter dialogue isn’t repeating
  • Blade and Trap Gambits with damage as a result have had their conditional damage reduced
  • Cost for Regenerate Tier 3 has been reduced
  • Novus spells now have a top path and tier 4
  • Minotaur bottom path damage and trap reduced
  • Hero of Khrysalis damage reduced
  • Increased damage / blade values for Reap the Whirlwind, Storm Shark pip bottom path, Triton bottom path, and Iron Sultan
  • Shield gambits have been buffed to meet new valuation. This includes Frost Beetle bottom path, Colossus bottom path, Doom Oni, Phantastic Jinn, and Kelvin’s Icy Gaze

Combat & Bosses

  • Pendragon Rematch will now correctly give Prima Materia for the Guild Museum when defeated with Magnetism Elixirs
  • Damage stat maximums for dual schooling have been modified such that lower DPP schools will not exceed their own school’s damage output
  • Fixed late cheat and Quartermane setup for Invading Fleets fight
  • Fixed incorrect pierce and accuracy values for various Wallaru mobs
  • Added Archmastery stats to Deckathalon mobs
  • Modified Level 170 Henchmen
  • Fixed issue with Montgomery Standard where players were able to skip the initial 2 fights
  • Fixed issue with Luigi di Mario where he was reacting to his own spell casts
  • Fixed issue with Arcane Toad and Freddie where they incorrectly reacted to detonates
  • Montgomery and Invading Fleets can now properly drop Wallaru Spellements
  • Montgomery Standard now immune as expected
  • Montgomery Challenge mode school and deck has been modified
  • Added combat music in Dreamscape Despair battle
  • Stat maximums for Advanced content have been increased to account for level 170
  • PvP resist limit function has been increased

Gear & Recipes

  • Fixed Badge Requirements on Pins
  • Removed No Trade from Xibalba Shard Reagent
  • Groundhog pet is now giftable as intended
  • Azteca Level 170 Raid Upgrade recipes now include Hats, Robes, Boots, and Wands
  • Sandals and Cowl of the Sentinel are now dyable at all tiers


  • Can pick up Frosty Treant once it's been placed in home
  • Housing items for Wallaru have been added to many Wallaru creatures and a few recipes were added to the Housing Vendor in Hope Springs
  • Fixed and adjusted Doodles on maps in multiple locations
  • Mini Pumpkin and PB Cookie pet snacks are no longer blank
  • Various Monstrology fixes

December 1, 2023

Guild Museum
  • Fixed the requirement for unlocking the Guild Museum to the intended 10 magic touch cantrips
Spells & Quests
  • Conservator Olivia should now appear in the Royal Museum for the Lemuria pre-quest
  • Fixed an issue where Willow was missing in the Wallaru Life School spell quest
Combat & Bosses
  • Fixed a bug where some standard bosses had more pierce than intended
  • Beastmoon Hasty Harvest now shows up properly at end of the match
  • Fixed issue where the Wallaru henchmen were not behaving as intended
  • Loot notifications on player’s sidebar should now work as expected
  • Level 170 henchmen portraits added
Gear & Recipes
  • Certain pieces of rare gear that were incorrectly designated as “no trade” are now tradable
  • Reallocated Pin Recipes to their correct Crafters
  • We’re rated E 10 and up for Crude Humor and Mild Fantasy Violence
  • We won the Massively Award for Best of the Decade

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