My Wallaru Walkabout: My First Step...

By Boris Tallstaff

September 29th, 2023

Having received my promotional World Key in a box of Nana Pops, I made my way to the quaint and rustic city of Hope Springs. On one side of me was the sea; on the other a vast stretch of sand; and in between: a town full of friendly locals eager to help me find my way.


Wallaru is home to Koalas and Roo-folk, who have lived together so long they barely even notice any differences. They acted as my guides on my Walkabout into the wilderness.

Our first stop, though, was supplies. Can’t venture into the Outback without ample water, food and weaponry; and I have to admit, when my guides handed me a boomerang, the first thing I did was try to cast a spell with it. They were quite amused. I was not living up to Wizard City’s increasingly dubious reputation.

Boomerang Store

We’ve all heard the stories of the graduate so legendary they don’t even need a name; when you whisper: “The Wizard,” the whole Spiral knows who you mean. They stomped the Kroks, they thwarted Meowiarty, they felled a Titan, and possibly routed some trash monsters. Not bad for someone who got their start fetching laundry.

But if you listen closely - and to the right people - you’ll learn there’s a darker side to The Wizard. They’re said to have spread the forbidden Shadow Magic to the Spiral and danced on the comet that still rains upon Azteca. They were also present for revolutions on both Polaris and Karamelle. These may all be rumors, but it’s enough to make the Spiral wary whenever a student of Ravenwood crosses their threshold.

Anyway, my clumsiness with the boomerang was enough to prove I was not The Wizard and I was going to need all the help I could get when I ventured into the dangerous Outback…