July 2019
Test Realm

What's on Test Realm

We've completed the Wizard City revamp! Now you can explore the refreshed Crab Alley. There's also several exciting new gameplay features that we need your feedback on. See below for all the details. Have fun exploring the new content!

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July 2019


Sizzling Summer Update Now on Test Realm!

We have been teasing this week’s Test Realm content and events for the past few weeks now and are excited to finally take the wrapping off the present! Wizard City Revamp gets completed with the inclusion of polish to Crab Alley, the First Time User Experience (FTUE) of the first few hours of gameplay gets a major update, and we’re introducing a new event called ‘Beastmoon Hunt’, though you’ll have to wait until next week for that one (plus more!).

That’s not all this Summer Update is providing too! See below for all the details on what you will be able to start testing once Test Realm begins later this week.

Update Highlights Include:

  • Wizard City Revamp completed!
  • FTUE! (First Time User Experience)
  • Advance Quick Sell
  • More Deckathalon fun (coming VERY soon)
  • New Spiral Showcase (coming soon)
  • New Beastmoon Hunt (coming soon)
  • New Scroll of Fortune (coming soon)
Click here to comment on the update notes in the Announcement forums, and then share with us your Test Realm feedback in the Test Realm forums!

Update Notes


Wizard City Revamp Complete!

For Wizard101’s 10th anniversary, we accomplished what many said might never been done, a graphical overhaul of Wizard City. There’s so much content in just this first world, the task was daunting for our artists and programmers, but we accomplished it with a fresh new color scheme!

However, there was one area that remained untouched... until now. Congrats to the residents of Crab Alley with their zone having finally received a complete tank cleaning. Now the entirety of Wizard City has a fresh coat of paint!

FTUE! (First Time User Experience)

Can you believe that Wizard101 has nearly 11 years of amazing content under its belt? Wow! Way back when, most computers had just a fraction of the horsepower they do today. This limited our ability to produce life-like scenes and animations, though I think you’ll agree that we did a pretty good job with the tools we had at the time! We also found some places where we could improve upon the experience and teach new Wizards the intricacies of the game better.

We encourage you to create a new Wizard and play through the first few hours of the game and let us know what you think of the changes. If you can, think about the game with a fresh pair of eyes, as if you’ve never played before. It’ll be fun!

You’ll notice changes all the way from the first moments of the game until you find yourself in Olde Town, with Unicorn Way being the most revamped area overall.

Even veteran Wizards might notice that some of their old friends, like Mr. Lincoln and Annie Shutterbug, have relocated to other areas of Wizard City, but don’t despair – Abby Doodle’s side quest City Tour will show you where to go.

We need your feedback on the FTUE! Please post it in the Test Realm Forums.

Improved Quick Sell

We’ve improved Quick Sell functionality to be much more expansive and useful.
  • The Quick Sell button is now always displayed in your Backpack.
  • You can now Quick Sell Pets
  • Crowns items are available for Quick Sell (with a confirmation)
Enjoy, and happy shopkeeping!

Harold Argleston

Harold Argleston has a new hand of cards for sale! Harold is the head librarian at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts in Wizard City. Harold hails from the world of Marleybone and sells basic treasure cards to young students in need.

Cards now available include: Balance Blade, Nature’s Wrath, Sandstorm, Blizzard, Stormzilla, Hex, and each school’s Traps.

Miscellaneous Miscellany

  • Medulla’s damage has been decreased by 10%
  • Indigo Giant can now be clicked on to attack it
  • Friendship counter will now accurately show friend count after a used friendship elixir
  • Improved the UI scaling options to include another option for 4K resolutions
  • Support for individual progress bar badges has been implemented! Watch for these new badges to be released as they are developed for future updates.
  • Resolved North/South notation of Castle Magic spells
  • Improved memory management and other performance attributes
  • Several starting spells have updated sound effects
  • Minor dialogue and quest description improvements
  • And numerous other minor fixes and tweaks

Coming Soon to Test Realm


Here are some exciting items that have not yet been introduced on Test Realm that we will introduce at a later date, just not quite on opening day. See the official forum post for details on the roll-out of these features:

New Beastmoon Hunt Event!

Welcome to the new battlegrounds, Wizards! The Beastmoon Hunt is a new team-based, goal-oriented Event designed to bring Wizards together in a fun and friendly competitive event. Teams of 4-8 Wizards face each other in a classic contest of Domination. Each Team gains points by defeating opponents and capturing and holding Battle Rings in the arena. The match ends when one team reaches 100 points, or the timer expires.

In the Beastmoon Hunt, Wizards polymorph themselves into a variety of different Beast Forms, join a Team, and battle other Wizards in a match! Each Beast Form has a different set of Spells and Stats, making combat with each one unique. Also, like the Deckathalon, your Wizard level, stats, and items don’t affect this game mode, so everyone in the Spiral (over level 10) can be your opponents or allies!

Beast Forms level up in two ways – level and tier. Your LEVEL will increase more quickly, but this increase is temporary and resets at the end of each event. Each Beast Form’s TIER will take longer to improve, but you’ll be able to keep this boon from Event to Event.

To the victor go the spoils! You’ll be able to work towards some great rewards including:
  • A new, very flashy, very unique emote
  • New pet jewels
  • New unique Beast Form unlocks
  • Permanent Beast Form upgrades
  • A new Beastmoon robe
You’ll earn these rewards in many different ways, including Gardening (the Beastmoon Hunt event is the only place to find some new plants, unique soil planters, and ways to care for this plantlife), Crafting, and simply participating in these events and earning rewards.

For our PvP fans, we will be using the Beastmoon Hunt as a place to test out new combat systems before we bring them over to Ranked PvP. But don't worry, not everything you see on Test Realm will go to Live, and the Beastmoon Hunt is not intended to replace Ranked PvP. We will be paying close attention to all your Beastmoon Hunt feedback here!

There’s a lot to discover about the Beastmoon Hunt event! You can explore the in-game help pages for more information on each feature. Let us know what you think!

We need your feedback on the Beastmoon Hunt event! Please post it in the Test Realm Forums as soon as the event is introduced.

More Deckathalon Fun

The Death and Ice Deckathalon events were a ton of fun – and we plan to continue the trend with more to come! Your feedback both during the Spring Test Realm and during each event afterward were instrumental in our continued effort to improve the Deckathalons of the future. We’ll be introducing the following new Deckathalon Towers on this Summer Test Realm:
  • Balance
  • Myth
  • Life
  • Storm

We need your help in testing these new schools as their Deckathalons are announced! Since Test Realm is open for just a few weeks, we will be running the Test Realm Deckathalons a bit differently. They will be 1-day events where we turn them on one morning and then off again the next morning. Sometimes there will be a new Deckathlon turned on that very next day too. Keep watch on social media for regular Test Realm event kick-offs as they are announced!

Test Realm Deckathalons will have the Global Progress Bar and Leaderboards enabled. Future Deckathalons of these latest schools on Live servers may or may not have them included.

Please post feedback in the Test Realm Forums as soon as each event is introduced. When posting feedback on these towers, please create a post topic that INCLUDES the tower name! This goes for any Test Realm feedback, please be specific in the topic title.

Please note that everything you see on Test Realm is subject to change!

Spiral Showcase

Do you like training pets? Fishing? Helping others?

Weeks where we don’t have a Deckathalon or Beastmoon Hunt event running, we’ll have this available to earn points and rewards, likely for activities you participate in already. Check out the Spiral Showcase event (running all the time on Test Realm!) and start earning rewards!

Scroll of Fortune

What would you say about getting extra rewards for things you likely do already, such as participation in Events? Well, we’ll soon be introducing a new feature with some nifty rewards – the seasonal Scroll of Fortune!

You can find it at the top of the new Events page. Some rewards are available for everyone to earn directly, and other premium rewards can be accessed with the purchase of the Scroll of Fortune. We hope you find this feature intriguing!