Play Now!

Now is the perfect time to try Wizard101 - both Wizard City and Krokotopia are free for a limited time!

Now through Sunday, September 11th, you’ll be able to access the following zones without a membership or purchasing them with Crowns:

Wizard City

  • Cyclops Lane
  • Firecat Alley
  • Dark Cave
  • Colossus Boulevard
  • Crab Alley/Deep Warrens/Wailing Caverns
  • Sunken City

Aquila, Darkmoor, Wizard City Underground (Drains), and the Catacombs are NOT included.



  • ALL zones except Kembaalung and House of Scales dungeon zones (Four Dungeons side content)

A membership or purchasing the zones with Crowns will be required in order to maintain access to the zones listed above after September 11th,

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