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Spread holiday cheer, the Yuletide Festival is here!

Now through Monday, January 1st, we’re celebrating the joyful occasion by bringing back your festive favorites, decorating Wizard City in jolly fashion just in time for Felix Navidad, and returning the special Yuletide fish back to the Spiral’s waters.

On the naughty list? Krampus would like a word with you...use your skeleton keys to pay him a special visit.

Let the holiday feasts and festivities begin!


What’s Happening During Yuletide?



  • *NEW*Happy Snowman Standard
  • Festive Holiday Sweater
  • Festive Yule Sweater
  • Yuletide Parade Truck (PERM)
  • White Winter Owl Pet
  • Snowball Pet
  • Polar Fox Pet
  • Nodori Winged Ram Pet
  • Ice Floe Siren Pet
  • Arctic Ninja Pig Pet
  • Snowflake Pet
  • Elfvis Pet
  • Krampus Mount (PERM)
  • Merle’s Holiday Rug Mount (PERM)
  • Snow Swarm Mount (PERM)
  • Ice-Cycle Mount (PERM)
  • Yule Mule Mount (PERM)

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  • *NEW*Yuletide Snowman Banner
  • Yuletide Cargo Car
  • Big Holiday Tree Housing Item
  • Cozy Fireplace Housing Item
  • Tall Yuletide Tree Housing Item
  • Decorated Yuletide Bed Housing Item
  • Tree Wrapped Gift
  • Snowman Wrapped Gift
  • Star Wrapped Gift
  • Snowflake Wrapped Gift
  • Polka Dot Wrapped Gift
  • Polka dot Wrapped long gift
  • Wintertime Rug
  • Prancing Reindeer Rug
  • Dashing Reindeer Floor
  • Holiday Striped Wallpaper
  • Night Snow Wallpaper
  • Snowflake Wallpaper
  • Icicle Wallpaper
  • Well Worn Stocking
  • Snowy Stocking
  • Krampus Stocking
  • Holiday Stocking
  • Snowman
  • Small Snowflake
  • Large Snowflake
  • Mint Swirl
  • Mint Standee
  • Boon Tree Seed

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Glacial Pets Bundle

  • Ice Bird Pet
  • Mountain Yeti Pet
  • Snow Beast Pet
  • Blimp Buddy Pet
  • Shiverous Knight Pet
  • Spectre Lord Pet
  • 4 Mega Snack Packs

The Glacial Pets Bundle will be removed on 12/18.

Arctic Mounts Bundle

  • Battle Narwhal Mount (PERM)
  • Cast Symbol Ice Mount (PERM)
  • Ice Brume Mount (PERM)
  • Snow Swarm Mount (PERM)
  • Mammoth Mini Mount (PERM)

Snowboard Bundle

  • Snowboard Mount (PERM)
  • Mega-Snack Pack

Candy Cane Snowboard Bundle

  • Candy Cane Snowboard Mount (PERM)
  • Mega-Snack Pack

Double Snowboard Bundle

  • Snowboard Mount (PERM)
  • Candy Cane Snowboard Mount (PERM)
  • Mega-Snack Pack

Reindeer Sleigh Bundle

  • Reindeer Sleigh Mount (PERM)
  • Mega-Snack Pack

Polaris Express Bundle

  • Polaris Express Mount (PERM)
  • Mega-Snack Pack

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Bright Lights Bundle

  • Color Light Strand Housing Item
  • Small Color Light Strand Housing Item
  • 2 Icy String Lights Housing Items
  • Red String Lights Housing Item
  • Green String Lights Housing Item

Yuletide Aquarium Bundle

  • Yuletide Tall Small Fry Aquarium
  • Yuletide Tall Keeper Aquarium
  • Yuletide Reg. Small Fry Aquarium
  • Yuletide Reg. Keeper Aquarium
  • Yuletide Reg. Whooper Aquarium
  • Yuletide Lg. Small Fry Aquarium
  • Yuletide Lg. Keeper Aquarium

Yuletide Party Mega Bundle

  • Formal Dance Floor
  • Yuletide Buffet Table x2
  • Music Player
  • Pile O Presents
  • Snow Globe
  • Festive Yuletree
  • Sparkle Globe
  • And more!

Holiday Decorating Mega Bundle

  • Yuletide Sleigh
  • Grand Snow Globe x2
  • Sparkle Globe x2
  • Winterdeep Hot Pool
  • Frosty Yuletree
  • Festive Yuletree
  • And more!

The Holiday Housing Bundles above will leave on 12/26.

Pinguoin Guest Bundle

  • Elated Pengouin Seamstress House Guest
  • Ecstatic Pengouin Dancer House Guest
  • Dancing Pengouin Laundress House Guest
  • Flag-Waving Pengouin House Guest
  • Liberated Pengouin House Guest
  • And more!

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  • We’re rated E 10 and up for Crude Humor and Mild Fantasy Violence
  • We won the Massively Award for Best of the Decade

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