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Avalon is a world full of wonder and history. Who's history in particular? Why, Ravenwood's very own Merle Ambrose came from Avalon! With lush green trees and mythical creatures, it seems like nothing could go wrong in this beautiful world... but Morganthe has trouble brewing.

In a quest to secure the Sword of Kings, the legendary blade of Avalon once held by King Artorius, your Wizard must face Morganthe's minions. Along the way meet witches, knights and more creatures in the woods of Avalon in your journey to save the Spiral.

Run through the deep faerie forest of Weirwood and be sure you keep an eye on the Froudlings. There are surprises around every turn in Avalon, but Morganthe has her eye on you. Maybe your Wizard will finally get the Morganthe showdown that you've been hoping for?

The Game World of Avalon

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