Game Worlds


Ten years ago a great comet appeared in the sky over Azteca, one of the oldest islands in the Spiral, a fragment of the First World. The comet panicked the Aztecosaurs and drove them to seek shelter in their underground mines. Most in the Spiral assumed Azteca was destroyed.

But Morganthe is drawn here to uncover the final secrets of Astral magic, the "primal Spiral" as it were. If she masters it, she can rewrite the words to the Song of Creation, and rebuild the Spiral into her own image.

In order to do so, she needs to hear the Song from the source – she must raise the oldest Aztecosaurs – the nine Lords of the Night – from the grave. But she needs help. Her first task is to learn just enough Aztecosaur Necromancy to bring someone back from the dead, after a fashion.

Wizards arrive to find the Aztecosaur City of Three Winds in chaos. The great pyramid has been damaged and taken over by the Umbra Legion. Undead threaten to billow up from the underground tombs and mines. A new, untested king sits on the throne. The Aztecosaurs blame the Avians (and in some cases, each other) for each crisis. And the comet still burns in the sky, portending doom!

Everybody Walk the Dinosaur!

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