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[Empyrea Part Two]


While the Wizard managed to rescue Bartleby’s Eye of History from Grandfather Spider and the Cabal in Mirage, the endeavor came at a heavy cost: Mellori was taken by Grandfather Spider. Spider believes she is the key to unlocking his Chaos Heart from its ancient bonds in the storm-shrouded world of Empyrea.

The center of the Spiral, Empyrea, was painstakingly created by Raven to keep the Chaos Heart safe and Spider out. In fact, it was designed to keep pretty much everyone out.

The Chaos Heart sits at the center of Empyrea, secured by three great Paradox Chains, and serves as the anchor point to a world comprised of disparate lands inhabited by diverse beings. Raven enveloped Empyrea in a violent storm the likes of which even she cannot pass or see through. You see, Raven has known from the beginning that Spider reclaiming his Chaos Heart would spell an end to the Spiral she lovingly created.

As the old adage says, there’s no rest for the weary Wizard – especially when the fate of the Spiral is at stake.

The Game World of Empyrea

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