Game Worlds


The World Synthesizer was destroyed and then, almost immediately, strange rocks appeared over several worlds, each of them connected to each other through magic and thought. Together, they form Novus, a new world, an unusual world, a gift to the peoples of the Spiral, a gift from… Something.

To the people of Marleybone, it grants New Vicorgia – a land of plenty and of hydrants. To the Pingouins of Polaris comes the frozen utopia of La Ville Rose where the fish dance and sing. And to the Monkeys and the Unicorns is granted Puerto Nuovo, rich in art and bananas. But the call of Novus goes beyond just these worlds, beyond these people. Listen carefully and hear in its winds as it whispers for the Wizard.

And so you must reach this world through its most accessible shard, floating over the distant realm of Catmandu. Discover weird and wonderful landscapes that bend dreams into truth. Navigate the complex politics of the Spiral empires and prevent this Novus’ gifts from being wielded by conquerors and madmen. Master new magicks, unravel conspiracies and preserve Novus from those who would corrupt it.

The World of Novus

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