Game Worlds


When a group of Ravenwood students go missing on a class field trip, Wizards are summoned to Zafaria! Wizards discover that high tensions run throughout Zafaria, as ancient tribes clash over territory and resources, while Morganthe's agents sow the seeds of chaos. As war threatens to sweep over the grasslands and penetrate deep into the jungles, Morganthe plots to recover the heart of her lost power, and fulfill the words of prophecy.

Long ago Zafaria was the home of Morganthe, but a Council of Wizards broke her power and buried her wand. They thought her dead until her recent reappearance. The world of ZAFARIA is old, but until recently has been cut off from the Spiral. It is a world of endless grasslands; dense, colorful jungles; and spectacular vistas. Baobab is the spiritual and cultural center of the world – a city built in and around the eponymous Tree of Life.

The Game World of Zafaria

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