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Wizard City Underground

Wizard City Underground

Deep beneath Wizard City is an undiscovered world of wonders. Well, actually, beneath Wizard City is a complex network of Drains where the City’s waste and refuse is sorted and disposed of by a cheery workforce of Bugs. Underneath that is the undiscovered world of wonders: ancient Catacombs brimming with lost history and forgotten stories.

And all of these places are in upheaval. The trash in the Drains has come to life and fused into monsters. The memories of the Catacombs are replaying an ancient and terrible war. And even deeper, eldritch horrors have risen again to bring misery to the Spiral.

The Wizard must venture into these tunnels, these haunted crypts, put to rest these monsters and spirits and, in the process, discover the true origins of Ravenwood.

The Wizard City Underground

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