Game Worlds


It all begins with an invitation. The Wizard is asked to represent the Arcanum at a Grand Summit to repair their Schism with the Cabal. But is it a trap?

Of course not! Indeed, the Summit is hosted on the sweetest world of them all: Karamelle, home of Nana’s Olde Fashioned Karamelle Delights, the Spiral’s foremost provider of sweets and savories. This is a world of happy Gnomes and Fairies, smiling Hamsters, industrious Nibbelung Moles, and the ever-charming Gobblers.

Bad things do not happen on Karamelle. There are no traps, no Gummy Bears going sour, no mysteries or betrayals. And there are certainly no Witches cursing people with their words. No, no, no, nothing ever goes wrong on Karamelle.

Karamelle is a world of smiles, of Gumdrop Forests and Licorice Trees, of Chocolate Mines and Soda Lakes. Happy villages stretch from Karamelle City to Gutenstadt and everyone, everywhere, is always singing and whistling while they work.

So come to Karamelle. There is nothing to fear.

The World of Karamelle

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