Game Worlds


A mysterious entity has appeared to the Wizard in the guise of the Old One. Confused and lost, it knows only one thing for certain: it must find the world of Lemuria. The only problem: there is no such world.

Investigate the lost fragments of history and uncover the silent crime so monumental it shook the Spiral. And in the process, discover a world of worlds, a mishmash of the strange and familiar maintained by the enigmatic Lemurs. In this place, bears never learned to fight, Manders never learned to serve and Water Moles… well, they actually learned a lot.

And it is in this place that heroes are forged. Barbarians triumph in the untamed Mandoria, while polymaths excel in the floating Sky City. Monster hunters are needed to survive the gloomy Night Forest, while the Wildlands are protected by a mysterious violet Ghost.

But there is a greater danger than they can know, hidden for centuries. Amidst the jungles and deserts and cities of Lemuria is one last great secret that, if left undiscovered, could unravel Everything.

The World of Lemuria

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