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Four Dungeons

A Tale of Four Dungeons

It is time to revisit some familiar places, open closed doors, and explore new regions previously only spoken of in whispers. It is a chance to rekindle old relationships and to finally tie up some loose ends. It is a time to wander off the well-traveled path and to challenge oneself as never before.

An urgent call from Sergeant Major Talbot summons the Wizard to Krokotopia, where Talbot explains that a Royal Expeditionary Force has gone missing. The trade ship arrived from distant Kembaalung, but Lord George Beagle wasn’t on it! Talbot urges the Wizard to travel to distant Kembaalung, on the outskirts of MooShu, and investigate the disappearance of the Expeditionary Force! The Monks of Harmony will no doubt know something about what occurred, but can they be convinced to help before something dire befalls Lord Beagle?

Barkingham Palace
Sherlock Bones calls the Wizard to Marleybone where dark tidings surround the royal residence. Why is Barkingham shut tightly tonight, and what are those strange yowling and clanking sounds emanating from the gardens? Sherlock Bones helps the Wizard gain entry into the long-locked doors of Barkingham Palace, to ensure the Queen’s safety at all costs. The guards are acting strangely tonight and many strange faces seem to be running through the grounds. But between Sherlock’s cunning mind, Watson’s endless reserve, and the Wizard’s powerful spells, all will be put right this evening.

House of Scales
Some time ago, a Wizard recovered a hieroglyph key after defeated dark forces that had invaded Briskbreeze Tower. Now Alhazred and his assistant, Aleema, believe this key is the, well, key to unlocking a dark omen. However, dangerous thugs have overrun the Krokotopian village of Zigazag, where Aleema is conducting her research. Alhazred sends the Wizard to protect Aleema from the thugs and help her with her investigation, which points to the topsy-turvy House of Scales, a great looming monument said to be the gateway to the underworld!

Castle Darkmoor
It is time to face the greatest of challenges and the deadliest of terrors – Malistaire the Undying has seated himself at the top of the grim, gothic fortress called Castle Darkmoor. And he has issued a challenge to the Wizard to face him in this gauntlet of cold shadows and sinister traps. The monsters of Darkmoor take many faces and many forms. Will the Wizard find any help here to survive the night, or will the children of darkness endlessly sing of the Wizard’s failures?

The Four Dungeons

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