Game Worlds


The heroic defeat of Morganthe in Khrysalis saved the Spiral and earned the Wizard great honors, but it also allowed an ancient and powerful evil to resurface.

When an icy wind from far away chills Bartleby right down to his roots, the Wizard must journey to the place where “the Land meets the Sky”, the frozen world of Polaris. There, the Wizard sets out to find the mysterious witch, Baba Yaga, and soon gets drawn into a revolution against the tyrannical Walrusk Empire.

Ultimately, it becomes clear that dark forces are at work behind the scenes, engaged in an evil plot that threatens far more than just Polaris. Teaming up with a former circus strongman and a young witch, the Wizard must journey to the farthest reaches of Polaris, for a spectacular showdown with a threat unlike any other in Wizard101.

The Game World of Polaris

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