Game Worlds


It seems a lifetime ago that Malistaire stole the Eye of History from Grandfather Tree in Ravenwood, but as the Tree’s condition worsens, Bartleby himself suggests that recovering the Eye may be his best hope.

Upon learning that a shadowy “Cabal” took the Eye to the world of Mirage, the Wizard must journey to this land of shifting sands and shifting allegiances, where the Dromel Nomads and House Qhats are facing their own troubles. A colossal sand storm has set the Winds of Change into motion and reawakened an evil Overlord who’s determined to re-establish his ancient dominion.

Joining forces with a jaded floating skull named Ozzy and a dreamy Djinni named Istar, the Wizard works to unite the divided factions of Mirage and form a defense against the Overlord’s armies. But when new conspiracies emerge and the Wizard’s enemies prove to be more elusive than expected, it becomes a race against Time itself to stop Grandfather Spider’s schemes from leading to a catastrophic conclusion.

The Game World of Mirage

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